Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies...

We're in another middle of the week...

Because, most people find the wednesday to be the 'blah'-est moment of the week, so let's celebrate the quirky and fun things you have been up to. And me, ofcourse...hehe, that explains this post.

1. This week I have tried to Be Somebody.
Well, with a bit of lather and a bit of commercial help of purchasing Philosophy showergel. It smells wonderfully springlike with a bunch of waterlilies.

2. Watching some of the gorgeous outfits at the Grammy's.
Florence Welch looks gorgeous in that dress. And that reminded me to browse the vintage shops more often, because her dress is vintage Givenchy. It is not that I could probably afford vintage Givenchy...haha, but I might might might stumble upon a precious find just like she did (or her stylist...)

3. Wearing happy, springlike colours.
Ohh, my highly coveted gmarket blouse arrived a couple of weeks ago. This week finally has a temperature that made it possible to wear it, without suffering (freezing).

4. Keeping moisture-levels high with Genie in a Bottle.
Nothing to do with Christina Aguilera. Gosh, especially after that national Anthem disaster I would gladly dodge anything Aguilera related (just kidding). Genie in a Bottle is one of the brands on that I have discovered lately. I have to do a more elaborate review on their Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Spray soon. (remind me of that one).

Hurray, my second reliable post on a fixed day of the week. So, what kind of quirky things have made your week a bit reasonable?

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Fruity Lashes said...

you did a lot this week! your blouse is so colorful, nice!!