Sunday, 6 February 2011

Roses are Red...("oh, just give me my gift") Valentine giveaway

It is the idea that counts, right?

He he, sometimes we really like to get that perfect gift from our loved ones.

So, I have another giveaway up for graps

perfect when...

You do not have a special someone, and really want to treat yourself, so you WANT to win this giveaway

you actually expect your current loved one to give you a 'it's the idea that counts' kind of gift...sweet, but a bit of craptastic

You actually expect the perfect gift from your loved one, but still want you want to win this giveaway because 'you deserve it'

♥  You have more than one loved ones (either platonic or not) and expect a buckload of gifts for valentine (or else....). Still, you like to have this particular nailpolish, eyeshadow palette and masks...

You could not care less about Valentines day, so it makes perfect sense if you win the price...

You have everything you could wish for and you are really happy and satified about that. You actually want to win this price so you can give it to a special friend who needs that bit of extra love...
I actually like the last reason the most, but I will give the word to when the winner is chosen, so everyone has an equal shot in winning...

I have three prices for you:

1. The Illamasqua Scarab Nailpolish.
Illamasqua nailpolish in Scarab

Illamasqua nailpolish Scarab

2. Two Simply Sheet Masks

Simply Duo Anti Aging Sheet Masks Q10

3. a Banila Co. eyeshadow palette

Banila Co. The Secret Glam palette

Banila Co. The Secret Glam Palette

The outside is gorgeous, but it is the inside that counts:

Banila Co. The Secret Glam palette

The Banila Palette is not exactly new, sorry about that. I swatched them before (over here). Still, it is a gorgeous palette that should have a new owner...(so, the swatches are the only time I used this one)

My 'rules' are quite uncomplicated:

1. Make a comment or say something small, or post an emoticon if you really do not feel like writing anything.

2. I should be able to contact you, or you should read closely to see if you are the winner after the drawing, so you can contact me.

3. I do not want to oblige you to follow the blog just for the giveaway, so you can join even if you do not wish to follow my blog. I just want to contact the right winner when the winner has been drawn.

4. Contest ends on Tuesday, 8th of February 2011, 18.00 hrs European standard time, GMT +1)

5. You are only able to make one comment, so no cheaters who would like to double (or triple) their chances.

6. Winner will be announced in a new post after random selection by

7. Please contact me with 2 days to claim your prize or another winner will be selected!
Prizes will be shipped by airmail WORLDWIDE within 3 business days after winner contacts me!

You will only have TWO days to join in, so hurry up and try your luck!


alvira said...

Hey I am the first one to enter :).I am a follower enter me !Palette and nail polish are so pretty I hope I win this this time.
My email:

Anna Crystal said...

I love the reasons mentioned in your entry. I couldn't really care less about V-Day x) chouhime AT gmail DOT com

mandy said...

I think I fall under either the first or fifth reason :P
Thanks for the giveaway!

Lumy said...

Love the reasons :) haha~
I'd like to enter!

Ivanna said...

I love Illamasqua nailpolish! Thanks for the giveaway!


Helen said...

Love the reasons for the giveaway, very funny.


Ida said...

I think this is a sweet giveaway and the reasons to join are funny, the last one, thoughtful. :)

Vanity-Fashionista said...

Your reasons are so cute :)
Thank you for this great giveaway!

-me ish teacher - said...

You have awesome reasons for V-day... :)
Thanks for the giveaway...


Cinnabunnie said...

i agree with point 1 and 5 :P
thanks for this sweet valentine giveaway!


Jessica said...

thank you for this amazing giveaway~!


fisiwoman said...

I love it, enter me please!!

Ana Belén R.M

K said...

This is my first Valentine's day after I've moved abroad. I wonder what they'll do here?

rhaindropz said...

i agree with your first and last reason ^_^

hugs and kisses

DinaXYYan said...

I don't think I'll celebrate Valentine's day this year but you're really sweet to do this giveaway :)

Angelica said...

I don't really care about V-day, not celebrating since I want to save my wallet. Thanks for the giveaway!

Steffi Tay said...

I guess attempting to get an extra vday present is not a crime.
So here i am :)

Steffi Tay said...
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Jennifer said...

I guess I'd fall under the second and the last reason :)

jenlovesbeauty at gmail dot com

thankyou <3

slipbananapeel said...

Woohoo! Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

mint said...

for me, i don't think i'll be doing anything for valentines but I have used it as an excuse to buy two new perfumes that I like. :D yes to excuse for hauls.

Michelle said...

hahah i laughed through the reasons! pretty nailpolish!! and thanks for the giveaway. you can reach me at my email paik.michelle(at)gmail(dot)com

cleung341 said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

candh341 (at) yahoo dot com

coffretgorge said...

LOL @ the second reason. i think i fall under that category :P

Scarab looks like a deep gorgeous color! *wants*

coffretgorge at gmail dot com

GlossQueen said...

Great giveaway! That Illamasqua nail polish is beautiful.

Luna said...

hope I'm not too late =)

Anna said...

What if I have someone in my life but he's not so special and will definitely not buy me anything for Valentine's Day??? Hahahah! So sorry I missed a lot of your posts, I hope you understand...! Lovely giveaway from a lovely the way, what category do you fall in? xxx