Sunday, 26 September 2010

KIKO Double Glam eyeliner in 01

In a couple of my  posts in the summer I had been quite enthousiastic about KIKO cosmetics. This Milanese brand has been my personal discovery of this year, as I like the combination of affordable cosmetics with (often) a good quality product.

KIKO released a couple of new products for Autumn 2010 as well. It was already released in August this summer, so I was happy to pick up some items. Mind that this brand is only available in the South of Europe and some places in Germany. Unfortunately, I do not live there (yet) so my access to this brand is limited to the visits I pay and the generosity of some friends who blissfully live there.

One of their newbie things is the Double Glam eyeliner pencils. They released a selection of 6 pencils in various colour and combinations of colours.

the packaging in whimsical purple tones

KIKO double glam eyeliner in 01: ingredients

I picked up colour number 01, as it matches my scarf that you see on the background...

KIKO pencil and D&G sharpener
Just kidding, I picked up 01 as I found the brown side of the pencil to be incredibly unique.

L-R: brown pencil swatch; gold swatch; gold and black blended
It is not your standard deep brown colour. It looks like it has been mingled with a charcoal colour. That makes it perfect on days when a black eyeliner is too much drama for me, but I still want the deepness of a dark pencil to make my features stand out.

The gold is a lovely deeper gold. I find it a bit lighter than the gold eyeliner from Illamasqua 4-colour palette that I showed this week. I probably have 1 other similar colour like this, but I think the texture of both pencils is amazingly creamy. That is also visible in the swatch on the right side, as I was able to blend the charcoal brown with the gold. Result: a brown with golden undertones.

Price-wise, it can almost not be beaten. I paid approximately 6 euros for this pencil.

Overall, the pencil combines the perfect duo of colours I can use as a base (brown) and a eye-popping colour (gold). The colours are quite Autumn suitable, and the dual sided pencil format makes it perfect for bringing some eyemakeup with you without carrying around too much bulk.


Anna said...

Oh yes, I love these!! I have one myself (number 5 perhaps?? I can't remember and I'm feeling a bit too lazy right now to go and check, sorry!) and find it really good...they remind me a lot of MAC's pearlglide liners! I really have to review mine! Meanwhile, if I can assist you in your love of Kiko just drop me a line ;)) !!!! xx

Old Cow said...

Gorgeous shades for autumn.

I am so in love with MUFE liners I have found it hard to look elsewhere lately but this does look lovely!

Old Cow said...


The Darkroom is supposed to be my little photo experiments section. Hope that answers your Q? I am actually going to do an associated giveaway for it on Friday. Promise, nothing creepy! said...

Where can you buy Kiko? The pencil is beautiful!