Thursday, 23 September 2010

Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow in Bejewelled Skylark

Today I will post a mini-review on Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow in Bejeweled Skylark.

One of the brands that caught my attention from beauty-blog nation lately has been Rouge Bunny Rouge. It ticks most of the boxes that attracts the niche beauty product users: difficult to get, from a mysterious country (Russia), a intriging brandname, and a bit overpriced.

I had read my first review on Rouge Bunny Rouge a couple of  months ago on prettyaddictedblog in this post, and I was attracted to the hint of redness in the brownish colour Bejewelled Skylark. Red is opposite colour of green, and my eyes are green so red can make them stand out a bit more.

The case is in a sweet and simple black and white packaging with the feathery flower as a decoration. It is a bit fingerprint-prone. It does not directly scream luxury, but does not look cheap either.

I am often amazed by the way cosmetic brands distribute around the world. This is a Russian brand, but they are made in Italy. OPI nailpolishes have something similar: they are a US brand, but are made in a city in the Netherlands. However, I pay a fortune for OPI over here and if I import it from the US I pay a fraction of the price.

The colour is indeed a reddish brown. Actually, I find it more red than I expected, although it is beautiful.

The swatch, on me, actually looks more like a reddened bronze than the brown with a hint of red.

I have read several raves about the superior texture of RBR, so I had my hopes up for this eyeshadow. And honestly, it is a good textured eyeshadow, but it is not the best eyeshadow ever in my opinion. I miss that bit of buttery-ness that I find with some eyeshadows that I have. I do not have extremely taut eyes anymore, so I love it when an eyeshadow is a bit buttery and softer.

However, I am spoiled with some Japanese brands, Korean Brands (Banila especially) and even TARTE, so I have a bit of eyeshadow experience. Moreover, what one person finds a fantastic texture, might be something else to another person.

I have some positive notes as well. The dryer texture makes it more suitable for making a good eyeliner. It mixes wonderfully with normal water and mixing medium. And, something I have read in the raves: the eyeshadow does not change after using water on the pan...that is something that is quite remarkable, because some eyeshadows completely harden after using water upon them.

So, before I caved into buying the RBR eyeshadow, I had been trying to recreate the colour and look with one of my TARTE eyeshadows from the Day-to-Night palette. I believe I should have left it like that, because the brown is more neutral and the texture is softer and more velvety.
Tarte Day to Night palette: My fave colour circled with red (or rouge, without the bunny)
Still, I always like to know if a product can live up to the hype. And yes, it is good, but I would have picked another colour if I knew it would have turned out this reddish.

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Old Cow said...

I am curious about this Rouge Bunny malarky! I wish I could get Tarte here.