Friday, 11 June 2010

Worldcup peace

Today I feel like writing a bit about the uncoming worldcup soccer events. Because lots of girls and women reading and writing beauty blogs will probably have a person in their life (partner, friend, brother/sister or dad, perhaps even the mum) who will be totally hypnotised by anything worldcup related (ain't I right?).

I personally am not into watching soccer. Perhaps if there is a hot male member on the field, and only when the camera has the eye for him, and otherwise that kind of play is not really captivating for me.

I do like watching some sports, for example cycling. And that has not so much to do with the men, although they start out pretty fit and trim, but unfortunately end up in a superskinny version of their selves from three weeks earlier (eg with the Tour de France and Vuelta). I like the landscape of the cycling countries and the connection between teamplay (when a group of cyclist escape) and competition (even of the same group when they approach the finish). It kind of gives that Robin Hood dimension, hoping that the small group of escapers reach the finish before they will be caught up by the calculating groups.

Enough about cycling, gheee, it is a beauty and stylish items blog...

Well, the word wordcup widows sounds a bit dramatic and too focussed on the negative side of footbal so I think it is good to think of the perks of a certain kind of singleness due to soccer. And yes, I will focus on the pampering part.

But first, she will be my talisman during the worldcup. Meet my sweet keyholder doll Hitomi:

She carries the symbolism of Caring. You can read what her doll-character will say about it in the next picture:


Update (thanks for asking Jess): she is a Kimmidoll from the kimmicoll collection. There are various dolls with different symbolisms, and you can check them out at

I believe that the need to care and to long for care is quite feminine, although I would not exclude this for men, as some research say that men often remarry faster after a divorce/death of spouse than women (perhaps pinpointing that men need to be cared off a bit more than women ?).  So, it is perhaps a human need.

Anyway, I think the attention towards women will be a bit less during the soccer matches, so the spiritual care would be ok...

Notwithstanding the doll is utterly cute, so if the symbolic strenght does not do anything, it is still cute and dinky enough to carry around...

Back to pampering. I would not like to be seen with my facial masks in front of the partner, but during soccer matches he will probably not even notice your hair would turn purple with pink stripes, so I might sit next to him with a conforting sheet mask.


It is another version of beloved Beautymate, in a purple edition...It claims to even out unevenness, which would be the most perfect thing for my face:


The bodily skin always needs some prepping too, either for summer of just for your own confort. I will stick to the standard version of Bodyshop: standard enough to be able to get easily but friendly enough for the environment and ethnically/globally concious.


Oh, manicures...I love them being done, but when you have enough time on your hands (no pun intended) you can do it yourself.


I still have this fantastic bottle of Lippmann in my collection, which is absolutely not a summery colour, but I think I am into a bit of brown with a coppery sparkle, so I will be sporting (pun intended this time) Brown Eyed Girl.


Besides of the pampering opportunities,  it is a good time to catch up with the other non-soccer fans (friends) as well.

Oh, and I actually expect more beauty posts online to be written because of the time away from the soccer-dominated tv set....

Anyway, I hope all of the non-football fans will have a good time during this period. And the football fans will have a blast as well, because it is their ultimate season.

Ps: do you have some extra plans that are related to the worldcup events?...please share! I'm always intrigued by what the other bloggers/readers are up to....


Jess said...

Aww... your keyholder is sooo cuuute! I've been looking for a really cute keyholder for the longest, but no way to get anything as cute as that here. :/

Can you tell me, where I can get that? And, are there different dolls too? Thanks Birkie!

Old Cow said...

Hello Birkie,

I have to admit, I am maaaaaaaaaaad about football. It doesn't have to be World Cup time for me to start howling at my screen calling the referee a W*@#er. I am an Arsenal fan and go nuts over the Premier League and the Champions League. I can't help it. I LOVE FOOTBALL.

Today there are 3 matches on and I plan to watch with my MBD mask on and will even sport a bright red lippy for the INGURLAND match.

The fact that this World Cup is in Africa has filled me to the brim with pride. My family on my mums side hailed from SA and after suffering much pain and turmoil at the hands of apartheid they too would have been proud to see the worlds biggest and greatest sporting even on their home ground.

I hope I havent bored you with my blabbing?

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Jess,
Thank you for asking the details about Kimmidoll. I updated my post, but I can put the info in my response as well: she is a Kimmidoll from the kimmicoll collection. There are various dolls with different symbolisms, and you can check them out at

Hi Cowness,
Yup, you are the fantastic combination woman who loves footie and is fond about her primping and preening as well. I love that!
I like the fact that South Africa hosts the games and I loved the opening and the enthousiam of the South Africans. You must indeed be proud to be an African born girl...rock it!
He he, I am not really nationalistic and I am not dressed up in orange colours (as most Dutch members will do), but I would love to support the Brazilian team anytime, but that is just for the fit and sexy Brazillian men...I should emigrate to Brazil only for the fit people and the carnaval, but that is some other story.
I hope I haven't bored you back with my endless babbling too...

BeautyOnTheWay said...

I just bought a same doll Hitomi as yours, but bigger. mine is not key chain. I like it very much!

birkinbagbeauty said...

hi BeautyOnTheWay,
Great minds think (and buy) alike. I noticed that Hitomi and the other dolls have more things than keyholders, and I was trying not too buy all of it. I really like the concept and the dolls are really not too expensive, so I might pick up some other characters soon ♥

saa said...

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Old Cow said...

You could never bore me! Never ever! I fancy a trip to Brazil too. I want to take a billion pics - you can stare at the sexy men and I can take photos in the dodgy areas. That would be super fun!

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