Thursday, 18 February 2010

BeautyMate Nano Mask Yamagata Cherry

After my semi-complaining post of yesterday I would like to make a review of a product that I actually appreciate ;P

During one of my virtual shopping sessions on I found a brand that has been quite recognized among the, and I have seen some positive reviews on the blogosphere as well: Beautymate or 美肌之誌.

I really have an affinity for names and the way brands name their products, so I was drawn to the lovely concoction of words by this brand beauty-and-mate, a beautiful friendship, so to say. Beautymate is a Tawainese brands, and I noticed that the Taiwanese products I used often use names with Beauty in them (for example Kevin Beautymaker, BeautyDIY or Beautyeasy).

So far, I have been really enthousiastic about Kevin Beautymaker and the BeautyDIY products I used, so I was willing to take the plunge and buy a couple of masks from BeautyMate.

Sasa listed a couple of newer kind of masks in their listing (I always check out the 'what's new' section on sasa)). They had not been reviewed yet, but that does not stop me from buying only makes me more curious how they will be.

Ok, this is a beautiful decorated box with Chinese letters. What does sasa has to say about it:

BeautyMate Nano Mask, Yamagata Cherry is manufactured with the newly imported nano technology. Combined with a close-fitting mask cutting, the technology can effectively release essence nutrients into skin cells to bring you a unique skin care experience.

Full of natural vitamin C, the mask can leave skin white and luminous, adjusting skin texture and balancing sebum secretion. The polyphenos of cherry prevent overabundance of melanin, while liquorice and peony blossom extract soothe allergic skin. The hyaluronic acid contained can lock in moisture, keeping the skin hydrated and bright.

It soothes, purifies and refines skin, and also enhances moisture retaining ability.

I know a bit of the propieties of ingredients, thus I was really enthousiastic of the brightening ingredients in it. Licorice has been claimed as a wonderful brightening and soothing ingredient (article here, here and here).

And my skin has been suffering during the harsh winter that suddenly popped up in the North of Europe, so I sure need some soothing and brightening!

a bright and cheery cherry blossom coloured packaging

The back of the package has English description and ingredients

What were the other ingredients included:

I was happy to know that there were no parabens included. I am not really against parabens, but I prefer not to have them in my skincare. The press has been a bit too negative about parabens in skincare, so I would not like to take my chance.

Moreover, I have really sensitive skin, and I think it reacts against parabens as well (althought I am not sure because it is extremely difficult to find out what exactly causes a certain allergy/reaction).

I am not going to discuss all ingredients into detail, because I do not have that much knowledge about all ingredients. And it would bore some of my readers to death.

So, did it perform up to its claims???

Well, the functions described at the sachet are really some multitaskers for a mask. I mean, I want to have it all, but can a mask really be ánd soothing, ánd purifying, ánd refining, ánd hydrating???

out of the sachet: the masks is protected by a plastic (perforated) sheet

So far, and I have been trying the mask twice, it has been really a positive and therapeutic experience.

My most important issue is that my skincare should never irritate me. As I always mention, my skin is really sensitive. I could target all kinds of elements in my skin, for example large pores or wrinkles, but my first aim is a product that does not make my skin oversensitive.

After that, it should have some elements in it that helps my skin to improve, ofcourse. I do not want to use something that does not irritate me, but is not doing anything beneficial either.

the mask is quite large

So, the big plus is that it does not irritate me. The sheet itself is a wonderful cloath that is soft enough for a sensitive skin. I have tried some sheets that irritated me when on, even though the liquid in the sheet was really good and effective.

The liquid in the sheet is really what it claims to be: soothing. It also had a slight tightening on my large pores, but not too much that it would irritate me or leaves my skin really taut and unconfortable. Just enough to feel 'lifted'.

I also love the scent: Normally, I would steer away from anything scented. So it was a surprise that I actually found the scent to be therapeutic and lovely. It is a Cherry blossom-esque scent. Although it is a bit artificial and a bit sweetened compared to actual Cherry blossom scent, it is really refreshing in a fruity floral kind of manner.

I cannot really say too much about the brightening effect, as I have only used it twice. However, some of my blotches looked a bit more diminished afterwards. It might have to do with the anti-redness proprieties of the licorice. Anyway, anything that tones down my irregularities is a positive thing in my book!

The liquid of the mask is really nice and thin enough for the skin. After I removed the sheet, some liquid remained on my skin, but it really penetrated the skin after a light massage. Some sheet masks can leave the skin sticky afterward, but this liquid did not leave my skin so sticky (just a tiny bit in a pleasant manner).

The price is really good as well. sasa charges you $6.40 for 7 masks, which is less than $1 per masks. That is a whole lot cheaper than some SKII masks (who charges approximately $10 per sheet, Yikes).

Overall, I really enjoy this mask and I hope my skin will continue to like it.


Vanilla said...

awww some sheet mask also break me out
its cheap and it works for u!im so jealous

sizbelle said...

why din i saw this!! guess just too carried away.. to silk whitia & yanwaili

i want to try this too!!

adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

Thanks for posting about this...another mask to try for a sheet masks addict..

Yumeko said...

this looks very cool! i will check it out

thanks for sharing sweets!

Elvira said...

That color is awesome. Why have I not seen it before? Now I MUST have it!