Monday, 27 July 2009

Peachy, princessy pout with Sofina Aube Couture lipstick in BE 703

Happy monday...everybody. I noticed that the blogosphere has been more quiet lately. LOL, I am glad to notice that lots of my favourite beauty bloggers have a real life and are probably enjoying their summer moments.

I find my title to be a bit arrogant...forgive me, my dears! I am not thát happy with my mouth, but I have been happy about my latest lipstick discovery from the Sofina Aube Couture Designing Rouge summer 2009 edition. It is lustrous, pigmented and I love this particular colour in BE 703.

BE is synonym, in Japanese cosmetics, with a beige tone. But sometimes you will receive a different kind of beige, which can be more nude, natural, or in this case peachy.

Ok, time to show of the form and shape of the lipstick case. You will get a pinkish silver case with Aube Couture written down in white, sleek letters.

In this picture my gorgeous lipstick was still unharmed and undamaged. But, in the interest of blogging, swatching and making good pictures, I actually balanced my lipstick on a small mirror in order to make a good picture....

And boohoo, my Aube fell and got damaged (left lipstick). The lipstick on the right, btw, is the Lavshuca Dramatic Memory rouge in PK-3. I thought the two lipstick compared colourwise, however, they are still different in colour.

They differ in colour, as I said, but they also differ a LOT in texture. The Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge in PK-03 is almost dry and looks a bit pastlike on my mouth, whereas the Aube Couture is full of lustre and moisture.

Eeek, I decided to post a swatch on my lips as well. The lipstick almost makes my lips seem normal, which is a huge plus for me.

Most Japanese lipsticks are scentless, and so is this lipstick.

I bought my lipstick for $25.99 on (including shipping) which was the cheapest option I could find at that time. I received my item by recommended mail (signed) within a week. It is also for sale at for $27.82 (minus shipping). You can check out reasonable pictures of the lipsticks (colours) at facial-shop as well: just click on the picture and another window will open (you can zoom in really close and the pictures are often really close to the actual colour).

Friday, 24 July 2009

Small pre-birthday haul: Illamasqua bronzer, blush, powder

It is time to jump on the beauty blogger's bandwagon and investigate what Illamasqua is all about. The first time I encountered some information about Illamasqua was thanks to glowchaser's blog, which was about 8 months ago. I almost immediately fell in love with the 20th century era/flapper-esque imagery.

Now, after 8 months and reading what seems like a million reviews I finally caved and placed a small order. I often keep my first orders small, as I always want to see how the service, delivery and other things will work out before I am going to 'donate' my precious euros to a new brand and company. They should be worth it!

The company did not dissapoint. I received a sultry black envelope with their goodies within two weeks time. They also added a booklet with product pictures and even more gorgeous makeup pictures.

Let me return to the sultry image of Illamasqua. Illamasqua does not cater for the woman/girl who is looking for natural beauty. Anyway, Illamasqua seems to keep a certain philosophy that they consider natural beauty to be overrated...if you fake it...fake it all the way...

Illamasqua's logo

However, being a 'natural' makeup girl, I still believe that Illamasqua has some lovely items that are fantastic for making you look like yourself, but better. At least, the colours that I picked were really natural and the pigment is so fine that you will not have that caky/fakey look.

My small haul consisted of a Duo Bronzer in colours Glint/Writhe, a cream blush in Pixie and a pressed powder in PP 210.

  1. Duo Bronzer in Glint/Writhe (Sirens Collection 2009)

Bronzer products are a fave of mine during the summer holidays (see these posts). I have found a couple of bronzers that come very close to HG status, but I like a variety of bronzers for different purposes.

I remember seeing a picture of Illamasqua duo bronzer on, and they were absent of scary orangy or overtly baked hues. When it arrived I was delighted....

I received a rather large compact with two flattering shades of colour. I compared the size with a Mac blush compact, so you can visualize the size.

The next picture is made in natural light. I especially love the left side of the compact, which gives such a flattering light, glowy colour. The right side (Writhe) is darker, but not thát obviously dark-that-you-look-p##ped-over colour.

This close up shows the shimmers, which are NOT NARS-like and big, but subtle and glowing.

I still have the memory of the J-Lo-era, when bronzy and glowy was the best thing ever. This is a subtle way to achieve the look she was sporting then.

Ugh, the natural light was so cold, so I only have the next swatch pic to share with you (of natural light). I think it only functions to show the glowy texture. The top colour is the darkest colour: I have tried it as a shader with a light hand, and I found it looking flattering in a glowy, bronzy way.

And a swatch with flash....My inner arm is always so much paler than my upper arm and face. On the one side I wish I could have maintained that same paleness as my inner arm, on the other hand, I was able to travel a bit into the world (and consequently tanned during travelling -> sunscreen was not thát heavily applied in the ol' days as nowadays) so I consider my slightly darker face as a token of life-experience/fun.

Overal, I find it a very natural product/colours, which means that Illamasqua caters for both the dramatic makeupistas as the naturalistas.

2. Pressed Powder in PP 210

I always find it difficult to review a foundation or powdered product. What works for one person can be totally off for another person. And what about the swatches? I think it is really hard to make swatches that could be helpful for a variety of skintones.

I will still give it a shot ;D, though.

I haven't looked that much to the packaging yet, so I will take a closer inspection right now. You will receive the powder in a black box, very basic.

Inside, they separated the powder puff from the compact. The powder puff, unfortunately, cannot be put in the compact either. I do not know what to think about that. I do not use powder puffs that often for application of powder, as I find the method with a soft brush to give a better result. However, I usually choose a pressed powder for the reason that I will carry it around with me on the road. So, I think I would have found it more handy to have a powder puff that you can put inside the compact as well.

That was my minor rant. I have showed you the logo of Illamasqua in the beginning of the post, and here it is again. I love the shape of the compact, like a nipped in waist, very feminine.

When opening the compact you will see the standard mirror.

I swatched the product quite heavily to get a good impression of the colour, but it is not that cakey in real life. As I explained earlier, my face is darker than my arm, so the colour is not too dark. Instead, I am really delighted with the colour and it is a PERFECT match for my skin at this moment!!! I love my Japanese and Korean cosmetics, but I find them catering for yellow toned skin often, so I do not receive a perfect match foundation-wise. The Illamasqua PP 210 is cool enough to match my I can apply it without being afraid of skipping parts (and look totally mismatched colourwise).

I still believe that certain Japanese brands provide better texture. For example, I am very enthralled with my RMK powder foundation EX in 102, but although the deepness of the colour is really right, it is still a tad too yellow.

Again, I am comparing apples with pears, because I haven't been able to test the powder foundation of Illamasqua in this colour. However, I hope to receive and review that one soon, as I already placed another happy Illamasqua order...

3. Cream Blush in Dixie

Blush, blush, blush...I have so many of them. Normally, I favour powdered blush over cream blush. That has to do with the fact that I use powdered foundation more often than liquid foundation.

On the happy days that my skin behaves thát well that I can go out without foundation, or at times when I prefer to wear liquid foundation, I prefer cream blush over powder for a more dewy effect.

I have read so many raves on the cream blush of this brand that I was willing to buy another cream blush. The packaging of the cream blush, in contrast of the compact powder, has a window for showing the product and colour. I picked Dixie, as it was described as the most natural, rosy/corally and foolproof of all the blushes.

Compare dears....It is pretty large, don't you think? (same Mac blush compact as before)

The weather was not hot at all when I received the package. Nevertheless, the blush 'sweated' a bit.

Ohhh, I loveeeeeee this colour....Love, love, love it. Have I already told you that I love this colour? Yes yes yes, it is summery goodness of the perfect pinky coral!

a href="">
It is such a fantastic blendeable blends like a dream, even on not-so-perfectly-flawless skin like mine. I have some faded acne scars, which are so much less than they used to be, but are still a tad visible. Some lesser quality blush, especially creams, tend to 'sit' in the inperfections. Not this baby.

Moreover, it gives my cheeks such a soft, dewy appearance...I think it is youth in a small compact!

I was so glad with the result that I even made a cheek picture of it...however, I chickened out and deleted the picture. (sorry dears).

Overall, what a delightful haul! I will be waiting eagerly for my next haul to come in. I have ventured on other products this time, but you will read about it soon, if everything goes well.

(oh, and yes...I will be celebrating my birthday in a week from now...teehee...)

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Etsy inspiration: Fall 2009 Fashionistas

Normally I browse the etsy site for cute and small things that are affordable and handy. But etsy is such a place for everybody who has a creative edge (or a good eye for vintage finds) that I could not help checking out some fashionable items as well.

Yes yes, I have been influenced by the latest heap of Glossy magazines that are chockfull of the 'IT' trends of Autumn 2009. It seems like summer has hardly started, and we are already looking at the things to wear for Autumn.

Anyway, I found some gorgeous and somewhat extravagant things that are absolutely lust-worthy.

Nostalgia's Fierce Fashion Scarf (or, a little bit of everything attached to your scarf)

I like this girl: she is normal, fierce and makes some wickedly fun creations. This scarf is everything wrapped in one, you can wear it in several different ways, and still affordable ($40).

Iheartnorwegianwood's cage skirt has been featured on various fashionista-blogs already. But it looks like so much fun! I love her Fringe necklace as well: it updates your ol' t-shirt and gives it a dash of A/W 2009 without investing too much $$ in it.

I have become slightly in love with these Tinkerbell ballet flats from spirocreations. Dainty shoes with a LAAAARGE pop of yellow colour.

They do not come that cheap ($140), but you will not be the average girl wearing Birkinstocks for sure.

attilladesign makes some awesome creations. I love her Mixed Media Indigo Blues reversible Choo Choo mad House Vest

And her Belle Epoque Bambi dress

Mmm, I found my imaginary, lust-have scarf, skirt, dress, vest, necklace and I need the bag.

This one looks cute, original and is affordable ($55): the Dogwood Ruffle Bag from SweetgumHandbags.

And so I will dream on about cute, fashionable thingies for next Autumn/Winter 2009...only if the creditcard would be as willing as well...;D

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

buying birkie....

Hauling makes me happy every now and then...buying from bloggers I know (a bit, though) makes me extra glad.....

So, when I came home last saturday I had a bunch of packages waiting for is the ultimate "happy return" welcome, I believe ;D.
I was pretty quick in ordering the Jill Stuart summer 2009 palette from Kathi (lotuspalacesales) which will probably has irritated some potential buyers. Sorry for you, but I was so selfish to pick it up! I haven't been buying eyeshadows for ages, and after seeing some swatches of JS summer 2009 I was really happy to snap it up for a good price.

Gorgeous, stunning muted colours. I think the palette of colours is not specifically screaming SUMMER, but that makes it very suitable for me.

I also included my very first Sonia Rykiel palette! This palette is very summery indeed! Gorgeous colours that remind me of diving in tropical seas....mmmm

For the people who have been following Kathi's superpopular blog (and I guess most people who read my blog are certainly reading hers) are already aware that she has been buying a fantastic variety of cute stationary, deco tape, memo letters, etc. And yes, my envelope was already a gorgeous present, decorated with cute tape and kawaii stickers...

The cutest stationary: this letter is printed on both sides: I think it is Malaysian or Indonesian language?

The cat that cooks the best dinners!!!

Sweet Kathi also included two scented Miffy pens. They really smell like candy when you write with them.

Even more, she has been so incredibly generous! You know what she did: she included this FABULOUS RMK eyeshadow in 04 Silver Blue Beige as an extra. Those hearts are toooooo adorable ♥ ♥

I cannot wait to try and swatch all of the eyeshadows....
How do you like her new businesscard? It has the same, kawaii logo as her blog.

She also suprised me with some facial new passion: sheet masks....

This is bathsalt from Tabinoyado and it is absolutely amazing!!! It turns the water into a deep pink colour and smells like delicate flowers mixed with cherries. I absolutely need more of this.

Kathi, you have been so generous and really sweet to send me all of this:
Thank you soooo much!

I also snapped up another gorgeous necklace from amorevintage. I became mesmerized with another creation of Aileen.

Ohhh, my favourite Finnish jewelly maker included some matching earrings as well (as an extra)...awww, they are really dainty and pretty.
Everything came in the cutest packaging: the letter is so lovely with the roses, and the pink box makes everything look like a real treat!

I loved the polka dot envelope.

Some fantastic samples she included...

Wow, I love my new necklace and I cannot wait to let it decorate my neck.
Thank you, my dearest Aileen!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

British treats!

Hello everybody,

I have been absent of the blogosphere for a couple of days, as I was in Manchester for business. I took a break from the computer for a while...he he.

British pride and influence.
This has been my first purchase from Theme Fragance on I adore this scent! It is a strong and realistic smelling pink grapefruit with a dollop of sugar, which makes it incredibly fresh for the summer. I guess most of you have read 'research' of grapefruit scent being able to make men estimate you 10 years younger...he he.

I also received my second order this saturday, so I will be blogging about that soon.

My darling Yasumi has been suprising me like a maniac again. I love this girl...and her self-depreciating humor is ace.

Look at his beauty she sent 'attempt'? I think it is a masterpiece. If I had just a pinch of her creativity I would set up my own, very succesful etsy store. I think she is already working on that concept, so watch her personal blog and her creative store.

Very yummy Beautycredit masks that are always a good source for beautifying the skin..."Hello Youth, I am still there!"

So wonderful...Thank you Yasumi....
Have a wonderful sunday and a happy beginning of the week!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

RMK Translucent lipgloss in 36 Shiny Coral Orange

Hey everyone,

Actually I have little inspiration today, but I promised you to show you one of my latest lipglosses I purchased, and really enjoy.

I am one of the thousand followers of Fuzkitty, and I often like the products she recommends. A couple of weeks ago she did a review on various glosses, and one of the extraordinary glosses that really stood out to me, was the RMK lipgloss.

I wanted to try it for myself as well. So, in order to pick up a summery shade I went for the 2009 summer colour in 36, shiny Coral Orange.

The pretty silver box says 'Choose me': ofcourse I will choose you if you are pretty and wear very well.

I love the colour: it is exactly what it says...a coral orange.

It is such a complex and multidimentional colour without becoming teenybopper glittery. It works on my more mature mouth as well. Moreover, it is a non sticky lipgloss, which I prefer for the warm summer days.

Sorry, no lip swatches today. I feel really insecure about the shape and form of my lips lately. (I am even considering surgery, which is quite unusual to me...only my boyfriend does not like me having any plastic surgery on me, so I will have to keep it au naturelle for a while)

I am really happy with this gloss and it has been my travel mate for the last couple of weeks. It is not my only lip-product in my travel pouch, he he, lipglosses and -sticks are highly represented in my purse...LOL.

I bought my lipgloss on for $19.99. has a wider selection of colours too.

Have a wonderful and lipsmacking weekend!