Saturday, 18 July 2009

Etsy inspiration: Fall 2009 Fashionistas

Normally I browse the etsy site for cute and small things that are affordable and handy. But etsy is such a place for everybody who has a creative edge (or a good eye for vintage finds) that I could not help checking out some fashionable items as well.

Yes yes, I have been influenced by the latest heap of Glossy magazines that are chockfull of the 'IT' trends of Autumn 2009. It seems like summer has hardly started, and we are already looking at the things to wear for Autumn.

Anyway, I found some gorgeous and somewhat extravagant things that are absolutely lust-worthy.

Nostalgia's Fierce Fashion Scarf (or, a little bit of everything attached to your scarf)

I like this girl: she is normal, fierce and makes some wickedly fun creations. This scarf is everything wrapped in one, you can wear it in several different ways, and still affordable ($40).

Iheartnorwegianwood's cage skirt has been featured on various fashionista-blogs already. But it looks like so much fun! I love her Fringe necklace as well: it updates your ol' t-shirt and gives it a dash of A/W 2009 without investing too much $$ in it.

I have become slightly in love with these Tinkerbell ballet flats from spirocreations. Dainty shoes with a LAAAARGE pop of yellow colour.

They do not come that cheap ($140), but you will not be the average girl wearing Birkinstocks for sure.

attilladesign makes some awesome creations. I love her Mixed Media Indigo Blues reversible Choo Choo mad House Vest

And her Belle Epoque Bambi dress

Mmm, I found my imaginary, lust-have scarf, skirt, dress, vest, necklace and I need the bag.

This one looks cute, original and is affordable ($55): the Dogwood Ruffle Bag from SweetgumHandbags.

And so I will dream on about cute, fashionable thingies for next Autumn/Winter 2009...only if the creditcard would be as willing as well...;D


mint said...

those shoes are gorgeous!! i want them Dx

Sassy Jadore said...

Those are some interesting and unique finds. =)

izumi said...

oh i love the bag!! :)

MiuMiu said...

those are so really cool creations. i love the yellow shoes..hha i'm one of those wearing birkinstocks everyday here XD

Thepunkcat said...

The yellow flats are gorgeous!! hey look comfy too :)

Shopn'Chomp said...

Cute bag :)

Jeina said...

The shoes sure aint cheap but it's worth it. Cause they're custom made so you can make some adjustment to the design. Gorgeous color too.

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