Saturday, 4 July 2009

RMK Translucent lipgloss in 36 Shiny Coral Orange

Hey everyone,

Actually I have little inspiration today, but I promised you to show you one of my latest lipglosses I purchased, and really enjoy.

I am one of the thousand followers of Fuzkitty, and I often like the products she recommends. A couple of weeks ago she did a review on various glosses, and one of the extraordinary glosses that really stood out to me, was the RMK lipgloss.

I wanted to try it for myself as well. So, in order to pick up a summery shade I went for the 2009 summer colour in 36, shiny Coral Orange.

The pretty silver box says 'Choose me': ofcourse I will choose you if you are pretty and wear very well.

I love the colour: it is exactly what it says...a coral orange.

It is such a complex and multidimentional colour without becoming teenybopper glittery. It works on my more mature mouth as well. Moreover, it is a non sticky lipgloss, which I prefer for the warm summer days.

Sorry, no lip swatches today. I feel really insecure about the shape and form of my lips lately. (I am even considering surgery, which is quite unusual to me...only my boyfriend does not like me having any plastic surgery on me, so I will have to keep it au naturelle for a while)

I am really happy with this gloss and it has been my travel mate for the last couple of weeks. It is not my only lip-product in my travel pouch, he he, lipglosses and -sticks are highly represented in my purse...LOL.

I bought my lipgloss on for $19.99. has a wider selection of colours too.

Have a wonderful and lipsmacking weekend!


Jamilla Camel said...

Birkie--a lovely lippie!!

I've got a scar under each eye and I'm still not afraid to show my bare face -t's the imperfections that make our faces unique.

I've seen your picture on Facebook and youare GOREGOUS! Don't be afraid to show your lips...I am sure they are just fine!

Anonymous said...

i also don't like you to have any cosmetic surgery! please erase that thought off your mind.

and i like this colour. but it's non sticky so i have to pass. lol

Anonymous said...

This is indeed a really pretty orange colored lipgloss! It reminds me of CHANEL Glossimer Silex (that I got just few days ago).

Shopn'Chomp said...

I'm usually not one for coral but this shade is very pretty :) Love the slight shimmer...

Old Cow said...


I have seen pics of you and I think you are drop jaw gorgeous!!!

I really like how you are liking le coral shades at the moment too....I love em!!!

Thepunkcat said...

We all feel insecure from time to time, it's fine. But I'm sure your BF is right! Listen to him, hehe~
The gloss looks amazing, love the multi-colored shimmers :)