Friday, 11 December 2009

Lakmé Aqua Shine Lip color in Fig

After a week of totally neglecting the dear readers of this blog, I finally have the time to write something...I was busy with the total wirlwind of life, and went to the UK as well. I normally plunge into the cosmetic shops when I am in Great Britain, but the boyfriend was with me as well.

Ehm, I know there are some boyfriends out there who have the patience to shop with their girlfriends...which is a thing to applaud! Hurray for those lucky girls and their patient boyfriends! Mine is the typical one who complains that I buy too much (so true), already have a room full of clothes and makeup (point on) and that I only use consumerism to fill the void in my life (well, who doesn't?).

Until he finds a great shop with nifty sneakers and cool t-shirts...

So hurray for online shopping, shopping solo and shopping with girlfriends!

This week my second order from India arrived with Lakmé cosmetics. I really wanted to look at their Aqua Shine Lip Color, as it looked like a wonderful combination of lipgloss and lipstick in one.

I like the slogan from Lakmé cosmetics, which says...Lakmé, on top of the world...Who doesn't want to be on top of the world?

I ordered the colour Fig which looked like a neutral colour.

The product can be activated by the twist mechanism: you twist the tube and after half an hour some gloss is distributed through the pad.

The colour is quite deep. I would describe it as a darkened rose/mauve/brown colour.

The pigmentation and opacity of the product is one of the biggest suprises. It covers the colour of the lips completely without caking or feathering into the lines of the mouth.

I normally do not reach for darker colours, although I have a reasonable collection of deeper red, wine and cherry coloured lipsticks. I wrote on my facebook account that I finally found a deeper colour that looked acceptable on me, and that is wonderful for the lipstick-wearer like me who normally shies away from more prominent colours.

This colour is quite unique in my collection, as it is darker than my usual neutrals without screaming goth or vampy. It reminds me of those 90s lipsticks again, only deeper.

The glossiness is a plus as well...I prefer glossier lipsticks for my skinny mouth without looking too lipglossy. I consider it to be a mature lipgloss: deep, sophisticated, not trying too hard, still a bit more sensual than the safe and sweet pink or nude/natural lipsticks.

Lakmé has a better scent with this product than they had with the Matte lipsticks (post here). It reminds me of the Mango Lassi drinks that you can get from the Indian restaurants, or the streetstalls in India itself.

I bought my Lakmé from mall.combatoire again and the service was just as pleasant as the first time.


Old Cow said...

You came to the UK and i didn't get to say 'ELLO MATE???? Blimey! I would have challenged your BF to fisticuffs at dawn for your hand in shopping!!

NottyEvil said...

my sweet loving bf is very patient and loves shopping together with me ;) Lakme Fig lippie looks very moisturizing, beautiful color for winter!

Jamilla Camel said...

I'm glad you discovered these! I've got a few from my last trip to India, and I love them!

Anonymous said...

jamilla had a haul of this brand before and that got me really interested. i don't think i'd enjoy this gloss due to its sponge head. but i am very very very interested in the colour itself. this brand has some fascinating colours for sure.

Afterglow Cosmetics said...

I like this collection of lakme with nice and warm shades and they spread very nicely on the lips with the applicator that they have attacked to the gloss.It is thick yet not sticky and too heavy on the makeup