Saturday, 5 December 2009

Koh Crystal Nail File: or a little bit of hope for my frail nails...

Every now and then I receive those coupons that guarantee you a free product, only when you are willing to give the free advise from the experts (read: sale-eager-persons-on-commision) who are willing (read: desperate) to give you advise (read: pushing you into buyng a trillion of products from their brand). I normally dodge away from these promotions, even though I am a sell-declared fan (read:cheapskate) of free products.

With Koh I was willing to endure the consultation, as the state of my hands actually could use some advise. My poor mits have been aging too fast, the nails are peeling and breaking of at the smidge of a touch, even though I have been loading up on Biotin (the supposedly godsend supplement for brittle nails).

Koh is actually a beautiful brand that caters for women (and men as well, because they tried to manicure the husband of one of the women treated, who fled away looking at all the pampering and bottles declaring that manicures were something that was "not for him").

It is a Dutch brand that has a Japanese style, name and philosophy.

I think I was helped by one of the friendliest and gentlest persons of their department: she was actually giving good advise, gave a brilliant hand massage, and did not pressure me into buying I found myself even more willing to buy something.

Everything screems luxury...from the bag that was given to me to the boxes of the products...

A personalised advise...She advised a couple of products for me. The nail file would be the best thing for splitting nails, according to her. She said that filing the nails with the ultrafine file would prevent any moist and influences from outside penetrating into the nail, which would stop the splitting as well.

I tried so many products and strengtheners to prevent the nails from flaking and spitting, and it never helped. I was still cynical, however, the file looked really beautiful so I took the plunge.

So I bought the nail file. They had a brilliant discount of 10 euros, which made it affordable enough.

The information on the leaflet confirms what the saleswoman said to me as well...lets hope it will work:

My new crystal naile file...
It comes in one of those chopstick-style boxes...I like the fact that it has this sturdy, yet elegant style of packaging.

I had a crystal nail file at home, and Essie one. I think that Koh is even finer in texture. The Koh file is really large, though. I use the Essie for filing everything at one length, and the Koh file is the finishing and sealing touch.

Ohhh, I haven't shown you what my free product was...the goal of my visit to the counter! I could choose out of the whole collection of nail polishes, and chose a duochrome colour in green/purple. I will post pictures of the bottle soon, when the sun gets out and I can take a good picture.

For me it is fingers and nails crossed to see if I will get results from this file. Hopefully, I can see the good results within a month...


Music said...

I have a Manicare crystal nail file. There's no going back to other types of nail files once you tried crystal ones. They're like the Swarovsky of the nail world IMO. Note to self: copyright the saying, it sounds good. LOL.

Emily said...

hahaha... i understand what u mean by those coupons guaranteing you free stuff, i can relate to that Koh sounds awesome :)

thanks so much for sharing !
seems really nice

~Lisa said...

Cool! I've been wanting to try a crystal nail file! And I can't wait to see how the polish looks like!! I heard Duochromes are really cool =P

sizbelle said...

hmm i haven try any crystal file yet... let me know if its good, maybe its time for me to invest in 1?

the packaging looks really nice, i like the pic of the bags with the ribbons hanging on the edge of the bag!