Sunday, 13 December 2009

Lakmé eye colour palette in Moondust

Today I will show you some product pictures and swatches from the Lakmé eye colour quartet in Moondust. It arrived with my second and small haul I received this week.

The eye shadows come in a plastic case in a burgundy red colour, and has a clear top. It looks a bit cheap in this case. However, the price of the four colours are relatively cheap as well, so I do not expect the most luxurious packaging either.

My first palette from Lakmé was a composition of bright and vivid earthy colours (post here). This time I picked some safe neutral colours in black, a steal-like silver, a neutral brown and a stark white one.

The next picture was made without flash:

This one is made with flash: see how the brown colour on the top right is flecked with silverish metallic is so gorgeous.

The swatches:

The stark white on the top left is pretty useless. It does not have the same intensity as the other shades and is a matte shade.

The silver is a deeper silver that borders on the steel side. It is not the type of silver you would use for highlighting in the corner of your eyes, as I find it more to be a medium colour. I absolutely think it is a gorgeous silver to use for a smokey eye, and I will absolutely use this colour during the festive month this year.

The brown colour is so favourite of the selection. It is a neutral brown with a hint of coolness that is delivered by the silver glow. It has a metallic quality without scaring away the people who do not have perfectly smooth eyelids (strong metallics can have the tendency to turn into a crepey-fest when applied on 'wrinkled' eyelids).

The black colour is not a matte, but almost matte with a glow of silver threaded thoughout. That makes it more convienient for the people who do not like matte eyeshadows, but are not that enthousiastic about the superglowy eyeshadows either. It is indeed a lovely black colour for creating a smokey eye or to use for a eyeliner.

The pigmentation of all colours, except the white one, are of a good quality and rather intensive. The swatches I made were made after one swipe, thus they are intensive indeed.

Overall, it makes a wonderful palette for the basic purpose of creating a smokey eye or to use individually for a hint of neutral definition.


Anonymous said...

The shimmery shadows are all so pretty and intense! The highlighter isn't as nice, though, I totally agree. Thanks for sharing =)

Old Cow said...

I agree! using silver in a smokey eye adds a punch of edgy wowness. Thank you for sharing your Lakme pics!!

Jamilla Camel said...

This was the first Lakme Quartet I ever bought in India, and it's a beautiful one!

Elvira said...

Oooh. That brown is pretty! Nice palette overall.

laksh said...

I have three quads from lakme, moondust, purple oasis and them all, they are very pigmented and so soft, but they do tend to crease after a few hours :(.... nice blog :)