Monday, 23 November 2009

Lakmé Enrich Matte Lip Color in 127

Yesterday I posted a review and swatches of the Lakmé eyeshadow quad in Peacock, that was part of the two items I bought online. Today I will show some swatches and give a review of the Lakmé Enrich Matte lip color in 127, which was a part of the Bridal Sutra Summer collection 2009.

Bridal Sutra sounds like a highly interesting name, but that might have to do with my lack of knowledge of Indian culture. So I went to the McDonalds of internet sources, Wikipedia, and found out that Sūtra literary means "a thread or line that holds things together". So, that explanation put my slightly naughty mind at ease and it makes it better to connect to the bridal part of the line. Now it really is a romantic name for a cosmetic launch, aww.

Back to the lipstick: it comes in a dark red tube with a matte exterior. In the middle is a gold line that has Lakmé on it with black letters.

When I opened the lipstick, it got stuck on the outside-tube-holder. That means that it does not look that pointed and pretty anymore.

The lipstick broke off on the top, unfortunately. I still posted this picture, as it is an excellent depiction of the colour. The colour is a mixture between old rose, mauve and beige. It looks quite natural compared to my own lip colour.

The next swatch came out a bit darker than it is in real life. It looks more close to the close up of the lipstick above. Still, you can see how it reflects light on the swatch on the skin.

The quality:

Well, I took a chance of ordering a Matte lipstick, because matte lipstick and I do not mix that great, normally. This lipstick is not that different. You really feel that you have something paperish and sandy on your mouth, so you have to put a lipbalm/gloss beneath or on top in order to feel confortable.

As for the scent...ugh. I find it highly perfumed, and not in the most fantastic way. I am used to the unscented Japanese lipsticks, or to the balmy, vanilla scent of Mac lipsticks. This, however, is a bit overscented in an old-fashioned manner.

It looks all right on my lips, even though it does not feel that confortable or smell that great. But it is not the best looking lipstick because of its still has the tendency to creep in the fine lines of the mouth and it has this slightly unglossy cast that is not really my thing.

The colour, as I said before, is the best thing. It really is a soft mauvy, rosy colour that looks like a more flattering version of my lips. Too bad I have to add so much extra stuff in order to make this lipstick work for me.

Overall, I loved and adored the Lakmé eyeshadow palette I posted about yesterday, but I am not a fan of this product.

I bought this lipstick at the same webshop as I bought the Lakmé Peacock palette, over here: Bridal Sutra for $11.95 so it is not the greatest mispurchase ever.


Computergirl said...

Very pretty colour:) thanks for the review. Emma :)

Elvira said...

Pretty color but perfumed lipsticks and me don't get along too well.

sizbelle said...

sounds like the e/s is indeed a better buy compare to the lipstick...

Citrine said...

I like the flat tube and the shade looks like it can be a great natural color, it's just look more frosty than matte to me though...

Jayne Tingay said...

I love the colour as they suit my skin tone.

Jamilla Camel said...

Hi Birkie, I've used a LOT of Lakme, and I do like their Enrich Matte lipsticks. However, these are designed for Indian women, and if you are a fair European, you're probably not going to get a good colour match! You should be at least an NC25, optimally an NC35-NC40!