Friday, 30 January 2009

Skinfood Herb Salad Emulsion and Herb Salad Mist (for sensitive skin)

I have been a bit late with reviewing some of my Skinfood items I collected during my last haul. But better too late then never, right?

The true reason for reviewing these product a bit later is that I wanted to take my time testing them for a longer period and take my time integrating each product into my current skincare. It is not advisable to change your skincare regime 360 degrees...your skin needs to adjust itself to something new: skins are creatures (or organs) of habit.

I was particularly interested in the sensitive skin line from Skinfood. I ordered some products from other skintype ranges as well, but only the ones that seemed suitable for sensitive skins.

Skinfood prides itself as being a natural brand and even its logo is in the form of a guardian angel, as Skinfood claims the guardian angel "was designed in mind to symbolise the goodness of purity of our products." With this idea in mind, the positive reviews I already read on several blogs on Skinfood items, and the relatively low price on made me want to order a couple of least, it is not Creme de la Mer-priced (and I hated that...even if it claims to be God's gift to skincare).

Anyway, my first reviews will be about the two products I picked up from the sensitive line. I start off with the Herb Salad Emulsion. It arrived in a glass bottle and was quite large. In the next picture I put a Mac lipstick next to it in order to compare the size. Most people are familiar with the size of a Mac lipstick.

There is the gold little bugger...ooops, guardian angel! Funnily, Skinfood put the words 'for sensitive skin' between brackets...

The emulsion has to be 'poured' out of the glass bottle. I don't think this is a very handy way of applying lotion. It is really easy to 'throw' out too much product, just like ketchup in those Heinz ketchup bottles.

I was able to pour out a little blob of the emulsion. Emulsion is a thinner consistency than cream, and for that reason I picked the emulsion over the cream version. It makes a better product for warmer summer months, because it is a light and airy formula. And indeed, it is very lightweight and liquidy.

The scent is something I like: it is slightly citrusy, which again makes it suitable for the hotter summer months. On the other hand, I do not consider it to be completely suitable for very sensitive skin, for the exact reason that it is scented: real sensitive skin can hardly tolerate fragance. I can say this because right now I have overtly sensitive skin as well, so I cannot use this product right now :(
Therefore, it is a nice product for skins that are not very dry or sensitive, or as a refreshing moisturizer in the summer months. I think normal to combination skin could use this as well.
One of the products I have been using a lot lately is the Skinfood Herb Salad Mix tonic spray. It smell exactly the same as the Emulsion, but does not seem to irritate my skin...the opposite, it is very soothing and refreshing.
The bottle itself is a plastic one. I find this a bit inconsistent compared with the glass bottle for the moisturizer. Why is the moisturizer in a glass bottle and the spray in a plastic one? Anyway, I prefer the plastic version, because I am less afraid to drop it.
The little arrow shows how much I have already been using from the spray. I already used 1/3 or 1/4, and that is quite a lot for an cosmetic addict with lots of facial sprays to choose from.

I could not photograph all of the ingredients on the bottle, because the bottle is round (doh). Still, you can see some valuable goodies inside, such as Camellia Leaf Extract, Aloe Vera, Chamomilla, Calendula and Hamamelis....all these ingredients are super soothers.

I will definitely reorder the Tonic in my next order. As for the Emulsion...I have to wait until summer to see if my skin likes it, otherwise it will be used for my hands or legs...LOL.
I paid US$ 8.90 for the Skinfood Herb Salad Mist at and US$ 9.90 for the Skinfood Herb Salad Emulsion (which is not available on anymore, but ebay will probably have it).

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ooh i love skinfood, the skincare items haven't disappointed me.
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