Saturday, 31 January 2009

Lunasol Glamour S Lipstick in Shiny Beige 17 (Holiday 2008)

During the holiday collection of 2008 I tried to be selective and tried to resist some of the beautiful collections of the Japanese collections out there. One of the items I resisted was the Lunasol Glamour Lips S in Shiny Beige 17. I liked the idea of adding another nude lipstick to my collection but was not sure to spend approximately $28 on a lipstick that could be meh.

So why did I order this particular lipstick after all. One word: 50% off! (another word: last item available). I browsed the site and found this lust-have item for $14, that is a 50% and another reason to indulge in a nude lipstick with silver shimmer.

This is my second Lunasol lipstick. I ordered my first one a couple of months ago in the Soft Red version of the fall collection, but the lipstick turned out to be too orange for me so I 'donated' it to the glowchaser!

Lunasol really knows how to create a beautiful lipstick case. It is not too OTT blingy: it comes in a chrome coloured case in a square form. The lipstick wispers luxury.

The next picture is slightly out of focus, but it shows how the silver of the lipstick lights up in a light or sunny environment. I noticed how the lipstick 'morphed' from a beigy nude in a shadowy environment to a light reflecting colour in sunshine or bright light. The silver parts light up but not in a garish and sparkly way but in a lip plumping manner, very lovely indeed.

The next picture makes the lipstick seem slightly mauve, but that isn't the case. It shows the lipstick formula, but keep in mind that the colour is not mauvy at all.

The colour itself is a nude with a hint of peach. You can see the difference of the lipstick with a picture taken in the shadow...

And the next one is with light! See how the silver lights up and 'plumps' the area.

Overall, I like the lipstick and it is a keeper (so sorry, no donating, LOL). It is not my favourite HG colour, because I prefer my colours to be a bit more mauve in order to create a my-lips-but-better colour. It will be lovely with a heavy eye makeup because it tones down my natural colour a bit, and makes it more nude.
The lipstick is not for sale anymore on bobodave. But, they do have the Lunasol Glamour lipstick in 7 Beige for half of the price ($14.63) over here, so be fast to get this deal (ps: not affilliated with, just a happy enabler)


Engmin said...
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Jae said...

What a beautiful lipstick! ♥ The color is so nice and the case is very chic. :)

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i only own 1 lipstick from them and i havent actually tried it yet..i am slow on using lipsticks compared to glosses

Jamilla Camel said...

I am drooling over your Lunasol lipsticks. It's on my list for spring!

Thanks for the yummy review.

cheryl said...

awww no donation? lol... very pretty lipstick!

MiuMiu said...

such a pretty color! i should really indulge in a lunasol lippy

Ere said...

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