Thursday, 29 January 2009

What Kate wants: Kanebo Kate Deep Trap Eyes in GN-1

Spring collections leave an empty hole in my wallet. Actually, I have to say something similar with Autumn collections, because I am a big sucker for anything new and trend-related in makeup. I just love the idea of updating your look with a bit of eyeshadow and lipstick.

I was very pleased to see that Kanebo Kate added a new addition to the Deep Trap Eyes collection they launched in 2008. I love the variety of the Deep Trap eyes: you will get 5 eyeshadows in a sassy palette for a reasonable price...not to mention, the quality of Kate's Deep Trap eyes (and most of the Kate line) is pretty good: they are pigmented, buttery in application and have a moderate amount of shimmer to make the eyes sparkle (but not OTT teenybopper).

I especially loved the colour scheme of the Deep Trap Version, which consists of a mix of greyish greens. I am not the fondest lover of green eyeshadows, but when I saw some pictures of this palette online I found myself wanting it: greyish greens make a flattering mix against my eye colour and the pop of bronze is really nice.

I love how the colours are glowy and not overtly sparkly. I was considering to buy their latest eyeshadow palette as well: the Diamond Cut Eyes, but I haven't been wowed (yet) by the colour scheme. Perhaps that will change if I see some swatches online ;D

Most Japanese brands include a handy picture of how to apply the eyeshadows in harmony. I absolutely like this concept, because I can be quite lost in the abundance of colours and techniques. However, bear in mind that the technique on the picture is aimed to enhance Asian eyes. My eyes are slightly slanted as well, so the techique suits me well. For other eye shapes I would suggest checking out this or this site, or check out the numerous makeup-artists guides to applying eye-shadows to different eyeshapes.

I will zoom in on the eye chart for the eyeshadows, and the corresponding colours.

I really like the idea of placing the E colour, or the bronzy gold, in the middle of the eye. It will bring luminance and interest to the greyish green eye makeup.

I bought this palette on ichibankao for $20.50 which includes shipping. It will probably pop up on adambeauty and other japanese related websites soon.


Kathi said...

Isn't it a gorgeous palette? I just got it yesterday as well =D
I also got one of the Diamond Cut Eyes (the gray/black one) as the other color combos didn't appeal to me, too! The Diamond Cut Eyes are quite sparkly with a silky texture. I will review this soon =D

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Kathi, I adore this palette. I have the Deep Trap eyes in GY and BR as well, but this is my favourite colour selection so far...I am looking forward to your review of the Diamond eyes :D

Digital Angel said...

This is so pretty, it's one of neutral palette I wanted to get, their brown palette. I also was interested in 2009 spring collection but I wonder if that round one would be too much glittery :P

cheryl said...

this is a great choice helen! very pretty, practical colours. i've never purchased japanese makeup thru websites before. besides, which one would u recommend??

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i have all the deep trap eyes and i looove them
i always thought i'd love glamtricks more so i bought that entire collection without considering deep trap eyes.

the new diamond eyes is fairly nice but a bit more glittery, not as buttery as deep trap i think. [i bought 2 on the weekend]