Friday, 9 January 2009

sasa haul: skinfood!

After Skinfood made its introduction on the site, I was able to fill my cart to the necessary $100 in order to obtain standard free shipping...LOL, who said that the Dutch love to get a good deal?

This haul was my first purchase in 2009: No, I did not make any resolutions to shop less...:P. Anyway, this was my fastest Sasa turn-around-time ever! I normally have to wait a month for sasa to arrive (with standard shipping, that is). I ordered the first of January and it arrived the 8th of January...pretty amazing!

My order: half of it is skinfood, the rest are items that were 'hanging' in my sasa cart for a month or two.

My skinfood haul consists of:

  • Herb Salad Mist
  • Milk Mania Cleansing Cream
  • Black Sugar Mask Wash Off
  • Banana Yogurt Mask Wash Off
  • Herb Salad Emulsion

And the other goodies:
  • Shu Uemura Glow On Blush (Pulse)
  • B & C CELEBLOUS Gelina Cheek (Naked Skin)
  • B & C MAKE MANIA Make Mania Lip Gloss (Milky Pink)
  • TONY MOLY Berry Berry Lovely Stick (RD 02 APPLE BERRY)
  • Mook Yogurt Mask Sheet Aloe

I think it will take some time to review the skincare items: I always incorporate a new product very carefully in baby steps, which means that I do not change my complete regime in one day, I 'blend' the new items in carefully with the old, so I can see which product makes me break out or such.

Nevertheless, you will see some reviews popping up @ birkinbagbeauty soon.


Kimberly Tia said...

ohhh fabulous u got the banana yogurt mask like myself! i love that stuff and I swear I just wanna eat it... AHAHHAHA

Glow Chaser said...

Birkie!!! I am truly excited about your reviews on all your Skinfood stuff. I have just recently warded off temptation to buy one of there face washes but I dont think I can hold out much longer!

You got a Shu blush too...Glow On indeedy sista.

ps. why does "mook" sound like an abusive term to me?? lol lol

ning * star said...

hope to get your review about those skinfood items,especially the herb salad emulsion.

thanks ^_^

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

oh u got tat lipgloss! i bought it and its hellla too sticky for me but i am curious to hear ur review!

cheryl said...

hey there helen, i received your package yesterday!!! it took 2 weeks but it got here after all. thank you so very much for including so many other stuff like lotree and elisha! <3 the blush is really pigmented, and i'm sure i'll have fun with it! many thanks again!

let me know if u're still interested in the acqua di parma body cream. is your lunasol e/s palette still up for swap?...

big hugs,

makeupmag said...

Great haul! The packaging is so cute! Skinfood has some lovely things. :)

Pixie said...

Wow, great haul! I ordered fra Sasa in the beginning of January too, and it only took 3 days! I was super impressed.