Tuesday, 15 September 2015

On your Marc...(Jacobs)

Sometimes I get weird makeup-cravings before the actual need is there...

Is that a certain kind of makeup-prevision, or a mere knowledge of seasonal skin-change? 

So I've been getting "On your Marc...get set...Autumn" in terms of foundations, and a primer. I've ordered them when my summer skin had been behaving more than good (thumbs up on innerbeauty tons of superfoods and gentle skincare). And even, dare I say...being satisfied; I was foreseeing this day I would look at my skin and see the imperfections and the need to have more cover.

Oh well, imperfect skin does make a beauty-lover more adventurous in making it look better...And perhaps being a more astute blogger than a flawless blogger who doesn't really need it.

Marc Jacobs' new Re(Marcable) Full Cover Foundation Concentrate claims to have a heavier coverage than I normally would opt for (some on beautyprofessor). I still caved because the same beautyprofessor claims it has "un-scented serum-esque" properties and "the velvety aftermath results in blurred pores, concealed imperfections and a very natural finish".

It was predominantly my own curiosity that gotten me into the new Primer:  Marc Jacobs Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut  Face Primer. 

Everyone worth its visits to healthgurus like Deliciously Ella will get a Pavlov-reaction of hearing about C.O.CO.N.U.T.S (I'd just spell it gently here).

 The reaction would be squatting (or other crossfit-related activities), looking for Kale to complete Coconut, and finding a slower juicer than you had before!
(ps: don't mind my irony: I'm one of them)

Or, Sinning in 2015 is totally different than 1995:
Same letter, different E... 

Was it Rihanna who started it????
Around 2011: pre-Paleo-hype!
And now everything coconuts reminds us of 'zzzzee exotic' and 'not from a lab' so it must be pure (?)

But honestly my inner system reacts quite well on everything coconut so I love to try the primer for it.

Let's go for the aesthetics first. Marc Jacobs Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Primer is in a white glass bottle with a enormous bottle cap and a matte sheer bottle that shows the content.

Opening the big 'hat' shows us a pump-dispenser:

So it pumps into a nice, equal blob:

It has this most moisturizer-ish feel. Also in the way it spread, slightly unsightly:

On me, it keeps the feeling of being a moisturizer; though a calming one I'd probably going to love when winter starts and my skin-sensitivities too.

I do not think it does a lot in making my pores appear smaller: Pore me :( 

On the other hand, my makeup stays fresher for 2 hours more.

So I'm primed like a real #Paleo #crossfit woman. What about the foundation?

Marc Jacobs Re(Marcable) Full Cover Foundation Concentrate in 34

I took the hat of in advance, and the bottle is a similar matte, only with a silver dispenser.

Weirdly, How happy I've been with the Coconut Primer's pump, the Foundation has a totally different structure of dispensing. I personally have the tendency to be messy, and this system of drops does not really help me. And there's also a certain ridge in there that somehow samples up my foundation:

I wonder why Marc Jacobs got the Coconut primer right (imo) and made the foundation a different dispenser?

As for the coverage: I consider it on the heavy side.

I took the enddresult photo with a extra bit of light:
I like the high coverage, but I'm slightly underwhelmed with the smoothing effect. The vertical lines in my arms are still visible.

I also miss the lumiscence that I often get from other foundations.

In any case, this will become my foundation on days that I need high coverage. However, I do find it needing extra work to keep it looking natural: I am thinking extra highlighter, another primer that does fill out pores and lines, and the likes.

Ofcourse, my opinion is all personal because this foundation might work like a dream on a different skintype. Still I believe a foundation should be easier to work with anno 2015.

Personal concensus: I like the Coconut primer for being so gentily priming and ticking of my #paleo #healthygirl box. The foundation, slightly underwhelmed.

Oh, by the way. In this post I said something about E. So (disclaimer:) I have never done drugs in my young years...just hanging or clubbing with good and lousy friends and the occasional wine/cocktail etc. But the pun behind the E numbers is that many people who are living so healthy these days have been quite naughty before. But that's life and generation amnesia, right?


Sharlynn Ng said...

Awww that's too bad that the foundation isn't as amazing as you were hoping for! I love the idea of the primer, I honestly haven't tried more than 2 primers for the face and would really love to try a couple more. I've heard and seen great results with MJ super charged gel foundation and would like to swatch it in store but I don't have any products from his line on my wishlist. Also I don't get the hype about coconut water/juice...it DOES NOT taste anything like the real thing...it taste like the real thing but a bit plasticky and sour! I can't deal with packaged coconut water, have not tried one I could even tolerate! :p

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Sharlynn,

I got to agree the real coconutty tastes better but unfortunately most people in Europe would have a hard time finding a good real one: It's not like Singapore...In Holland they come in baby sizes and hardly have 2 gulps of water inside. I do like the packaged Healthy People variety: it tastes rather clean and has not too many E-additives.
From your blog I can see you have such beautiful skin that you would not really need a primer. It might help your other makeup last longer but sometimes I feel too much products on face interfere with each other or start to ball up...