Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Mythically Smooth with A Beautiful Life Unicorn Mane serum

I had this moment I was almost organic on haircare: think shampoo, conditioner and a good dose of beautiful Yarok mousse that blows it's chemical sisters out of the water. 

My last step: serum.

 I had the gorgeously fraganced Balmain (just finished) & used the Kerastase Cristallize serum frequently while having extensions. But still, there had to be a good [semi]-organic one out there.
I found A Beautiful Life Unicorn's Mane on ASOS [here]. The rare reviews I found were positive about it, and how to resist a bit of Uni-corny mythology: or "Unicorns don't have Bad hairdays". I could not disagree but I'd be glad to check one up close:


 Unicorn's Mane is not certified organic. It's ingredient list also reveils it has cyclometicone & dimethicone in it:

I went to Cosne to check on these two. Both Dimethicone & Cyclomethicone are harmless and non-irritating. 

Does it life up to it's promises?

♥ Fights Frizz
♥ Adds Shine
♥ Nourishes
♥ Protects

Anti-Frizz: My post-wash hair had to get used to central heating again and that was paired with a bit of frizz down the ends. Ok, and blame under-conditioning too. A drop of Unicorn made warmed between hands is perfect to tame the wild unicorn-ness of it.
Shine: yes, it's not too amped up faux gloss but the right amount of healthy.
Nourishes: I have only used it short term but I already liked the effect on my ends. And look at the ingredient list -> argan oil, Indian gooseberry and some other potent nourisher.
Protects: I think it does a fair job protecting hair before heat styling.

Hence,  all four get a big YES.

I really like the serum but I'm not that fond about the fragance. It reminds me of a certain cough-syrup I once had. Perhaps the unicorns made it when younger (???). But it disappears within minutes so I'm not too bothered.

Conclusion: Who needs Unicorns when you can have healthy, glossy hairserum like this one.


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