Friday, 31 October 2014

October Empties

My fave finished-up for this month has been my travel sized Water Calligraphy by Killian. It's one of the three fragances I got it during my 'spoiled Christmas '13'.
 photo foto113.jpg

Aquatic fragances will always be a bit 1990s for me. This version is feminine without being obtrusive, fresh during summer & uplifting when colder.
The empty at the background is Jill Stuart CC foundation: unfortunately too fragancy for me.

More Foundations:

I had some testing this month & the-one-that-got-away: my Giorgio Armani Maestro fluid foundation is still half-full but it turned a bit after 1 1/2 year. It was a favourite in the beginning: excellent cover with my-skin-but-so-much-better finish. Then I found it silicony compared to my newer foundations.
Amazing Cosmetics Concealer has been excellent in offering high-cover, thin enough without irritating skin. It could be a future purchase.
BE Creative Makeup is the house-brand of beautystore ICIParis (only in the Netherlands & Belgium). Their Photo Perfecting Primer has been a supernice surprise that had similar qualities like my niche Rouge Bunny Rouge Metamorphosis. Their foundation was ok, scentless and high coverage but I have to test it in a lighter colour range.
 Hourglass Immaculate Foundation has been Allure's 2014 winner, and actually well-deserved. Scentless, weightless & a gorgeous finish on skin. Or another wishlist foundation for the future.
The Essence Ticket to Paradise creamy eyeshadow has dried out. I still like Essence line for experimenting with colours within a good pricerange.
The Boscia BB cream has this fresh texture on the skin: like a water-bubble feeling. I sorta stepped away from BB-cream when they gotten popular but this one is quite nice
Jouer Matte foundation is a bliss in *oily climate zones*: I'd say Barcelona during summer or similar smog-zone cities. It zaps up un-necessary oilies without dulling skin
Oh, I already discussed the craptastic-ness of this eyecream over here: case closed.

Oh wait, I'm not totally done complaining because I had some weird experience with two(!) Therapi creams this month.I had bought both the no 3 Honey Moisturizing  as the Rose Otto Ultra Radiance cream a couple of months ago. I had stored them in my cool storage that totally agrees with my other skincare. Result:
weird shifting of cream/oil in both creams
I know there is a risk with natural skincare with having a shorter lifespan but this one:
1. did not have an expiry date
2. I had it for just 2 months, unopened!

My Nailpolishes, on the other hand, had a good couple of years before drying up.
 photo foto48.jpg
 photo foto234.jpg
Some Essies, Color Club & a Brazillian one on the right

Then my skincare:

Bioderma HydroBio Legere has been the equivalent of Nivea to me: nicely moisturizing but not much else. I've only used it twice.
Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose in it is such a versatile mask/cleanser hybrid. I'd picked it up in the UK. 
A smaller La Roche Posay thermospray always comes in handy for a dewier complexion.
Macademia oil is a nice fatty moisturizer to use on hair: I smells wonderfully nutty.
MU London White Chocolate Moisturizer smelled similar to Palmer's Cocoa butter. This is a organically friendlier version and I really liked this travel size.
I didn't like the oily residue after using Live Nature Exfoliating cleanser. I felt like washing my face a couple of times again which shouldn't be necessary.
I really liked the Algenist Renewing Balm eyecream and I might repurchase in a bigger size.  The Algenist Reparative Anti-ageing Moisturizer has this kind of neutral/lab scent and aura that would be perfect for sensitive days. 
Continuing on Algenist, I totally liked this sample of the Brightening Mask. It's another hybrid product of exfoliating & cleansing, resulting in clearer, more radiant skin.
My Chelle Supreme Polypeptide cream has been nice introduction to the formula.
I've used the S5 brightening serum before, but this time I really needed it. I previous long-weekend left me with a sunburn (lousy sunscreen's fault). I think this generous sample did lighten me a bit.
First Aid Beauty Total Repair cream is so incredibly neutral and moisturizing at the same time. I think it would be bliss when you really need it.

Last but not least:
 photo foto222.jpg
Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm is a firm favourite among Organic oriented beautybloggers. That's for a good reason because this is an amazing multitasker being able to cleanse, moisturize lizardy cuticles and other dry areas. It smells gorgeously herbally.
I've been so curious for Living Proof Full Shampoo. Obviously, because it's co-owned by hair of the 1990s (and still) Jennifer Aniston. Reviews were mixed and I get that: it leaves a residue behind that curly/dryer types will love and the thinner strands won't. I liked the result, but I didn't like the green tea scent.
My 1st Vine-ed item on this blog: The Balmain Hair perfume [here]. Something did leak out but I'm sure I'd finished it with much enthousiasm anyway. Basically, LOVE: a fab hairglosser and a gorgeous fragance in one.

Ok, I've lied about it being the last. There are still some lip-products:

The Aube Frutina Gloss EX03 so amped and it probably one of my glossies glosses. I had it for too long so time to let go *sheds tear*
Ah, a Mascara. I really love Kanebo Kate eye-primers but this mascara is just average.
The Pixi Lipgloss (right corner) has been discontinued and I totally worn off the name. This gloss is your-nude-but-better. I wonder if their newer glosses have a similar grip on lips like this one.
To finish with a mystery lipstick:
the lipstick on the bottom is Korean but I cannot say which brand. I did so many Gmarket orders in the past #goodtimes. It just has Korean signs & PK 002 at the bottom.

Now after writing this down I feel nostalgic for ordering from Gmarket again: the effort, the hassle, the decifering Korean signs, but most...that awesomely big package that's the equivalent of a Russian doll:
past Gmarket haul
Yes, such box-i-ness can only be Gmarket!

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