Wednesday, 26 November 2014

the Xmas set cave: Addiction Tokyo Jazz

Geehh, I've been missing this blog. It gotten almost as far that I wanted order things for the mere purpose to review it over here. Ok, eventually I ordered from narcisistic cravings but I was tempted on altruistic spending for review's sake only...

This year I'm slightly more about palettes than last year. I've already caved on Laura Mercier, a brand I seldom use...And I just couldn't resist Addiction Tokyo Jazz: Purple??? Mustard??? and my first powdery highlighter from them??? Yes, bring it on!
leather-look clutch: Addiction;  catmask: my own from Venice

I would love to show you some swatches today, but somehow they went a bit weird on my arm. My
 instinct was like...darn, crappy quality. However, they seem to blend better on my eyelids. Though it's not as finely milled as Addiction's usual quality.

I don't want to draw any conclusions yet as I swatched the palette directly from the icy cold box it came from. The colours do look like a funky mix. 

The highlighter:

I'm not that keen on the highlighter blush: it swatches irregularly and it's quite sparkly: I'll compare it with my superbly textured Surrat highlighter soon.

And not on the pictures is their Eyeliner Pencil in Blackjack. This one knows how to draw an inky-black line: and that for a pencil:

First impression:  
I'm not too exhilarated about this set.  I'm normally quite a fan of Addiction (see earlier reviews) and I like their single eyeshadows for the combination of a buttery texture with a fun/original dimension of colours. Tokyo Jazz palette: The sparkly whitish eyeshadow is purely gritty, the mustard is as sheer as you can find and the purple is not a beautifully multi-dimensional one. Neither is the Eggplant/grey colour.
The only thing I'm really liking right now is the Eyeliner pencil in Blackjack. 

I hope my luck will get better with swatching the colours later...


Citrine said...

Awww, that's too bad about the texture. It looks like a palette that will fail under the hand of drugstore but it would be so unique if the texture is right.

P.S. I would totally buy those if they were yarn/sweater/stocking...especially the two purples.

Sharlynn Ng said...

Sorry to hear about the less than amazing quality! I'm getting my best friend in Japan to send me some addiction make up to try! I like the palette's colors though I can see how the yellow and the light purples would go well together! That half face mask looks fun but the make up is definitely more important!