Thursday, 7 November 2013

Last Week's Cosmetics

Let me share some of last week purchases, samples and re-finds:

The Essence nailpolish is one those sparkly multicoloured glitters in purple hues: perhaps that's why it is called "Only Purple Matters".
Mac Dainty Mineralize blush has been last week's rediscovery.
I bought Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick 'In Love with Ginger' after testing various orangy reds, ranging from Givenchy Le Rouge Carmin Escarpin, L'Oreal Perfect red and Chanel Rouge Coco. My actual favourite has been the Givenchy but pricewise I think I'd rather save on a colour that is not a staple of mine.
The Kanebo Sensai Cleansing Essence has been a free sample: I haven't used Kanebo for a while and I hope that my organically infused skin is up to the more chemical concoctions of Kanebo.


Sharlynn Ng said...

I really love that purple polish, I have very few top coats like that but I hate removing glitter! I'm keen on getting 2 Deborah Lippman polishes soon! Mermaids dream and Across the universe but they are soo pricey!

Oliwia Zofia said...

Wow it must be really nice polish :)