Saturday, 2 November 2013

Rituals Fortune shower Oil

I feel it is time for a good old review with too much talk and with a bit of sense.
I like Rituals as it is one of the few Dutch Cosmetic brands that gotten big outside Holland. They started out in 2000 and I loved them instantly. They had this Eastern (sorry about being vague) holistic feel with shops that were/are decorated in rustic colours & with wash-n-water departments to try out your products immediately.

I have liked washing oils a lot and an because I have been into various Japanese products that work with this concept. Face-oil cleansers came first and the body followed up. I have tried l'Occitane Almond cleansing oil for body too. They often feel much softer on the skin during winter-showers.

I feel like this person in the shower:

Hehehe, not really but I loved the oiled up quality of her skin. Actually with the studs on her back she reminds me of that Aston Kucher "Dude, Where's My Car?" movie.

Storyline: Geeky Aston & friend meet a supergorgeous woman and get into a night partying with other model-types. They turned out to be aliens. (Youtub)

I like how this film
  1. has a pre-Demi-divorced Aston in it...cuuuuute
  2. plays with the idea that women who are "too pretty", "too tall", "size 0" etc cannot be human.
  3. hilarious in that 2000-something kinda way.
My shower-oil is actually aimed at making you feel human again:

Laughing Buddha: Bringer of Happiness. Symbol of good luck and Prosperity

 It works as simple as the face oils for cleansing:
  1. Put the oil on either dry or wet skin 
  2. Add water
  3. Lather into a milky cleansing substance
4. Rinse

  • Scent: a high fraganced, slightly artificial orange with the hint of a Cedar note
  • Scent: Thus a wonderful concoction to get going in the morning (awakening orange) but feel warmer as well (Cedar)
  • Substance: Thinner, slightly runny (dry) oil
  • Substance: A little goes a longer way
  • Afterfeel: more moisturizing than shower-gels etc
  • Afterfeel: fragance stays on for quite long
  • Price:  Quite affordable for € 8.50 for 200 ml/6.7 fl.oz
Conclusion: Affordable way to cleanse yourself in a Haute-Spa way but try before to see it the fragance agrees with you.

Availability: At the rituals site (here) for € 8.50 for 200 ml


Sharlynn Ng said...

Sounds lovely! I'm still finding something to remove my face make up without an actual rough scrub but I always end us using some with a cleanser to get remaining face make up off. I'm afraid an oil all over my face might be too much!

Sara said...

Ooooh, I love Rituals! I tried their products for the first time last spring when visiting Amsterdam and now I can't live without them! The products are so luxurious and affordable! I love the Happy Buddha shower foam so maybe I'll try this one for the winter. It is already getting quite chilly here! :-)

birkinbagbeauty said...

I think Rituals has a Milk for cleansing face but no oil: I think there better for body products