Saturday, 11 February 2012

The beautiful feline face* Paul and Joe cheekstick in 03 Minou

Hello new paw-printed box!

You´ve seen the meetup...
but you haven´t gotten any review yet...

But today you will, but I will keep it a smaller review.

Paul & Joe went back to the kitty-cuteness of the earlier release in 2010. This time they went more original to add a cheek-stick with it. Blush-fan, such as I am, and feline lover, I went straight for it.

This time Paul & Joe kept to their original packaging of the creamy and ribbed plastic tube with the gold letters. The beautiful, but paper-based wand of the 2010 release was decorated with paisley. So lovely, but it smudges easily (as you can see below)

The icing on the cake is the cat's head...I really like the tiny hat its having on and there is a smoking tie added to it too. The colour is a peachy pink: really lovely.

I like the paw-prints on the inside of the lipstick


The colour translates in a peachy pink on my skin. The left picture (flash) shows a tiny hint of specks, but absolutely not too obvious on the cheeks.

Paul & Joe Cheekstick 03 Minou (left flash/ right natural light): 2 swipes!

I really like how I can use this on non-madeup, slightly madeup or quite madeup skin. The pigment is on the lighter side and spreads easily on the face without it being too creamy. For a higher colour-dimension, you can add another layer.
I absolutely like how girly but still quite natural the colour looks on my face.
I have quite some colours in my blush-stash, still I consider this one to be quite unique. Perhaps that has to do with the fact I do not go for pinks too much.


You saw that I protected my 2010 lipstick a lot because I found it too cute to use. However, I am afraid I will use this one a lot: I probably keep the face intact for as long as possible, so it might resemble a cat with a hourglass figure soon ;P


Carla said...
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Carla said...

Its too pretty! If i were you, i dont have the heart to use it!:)

Shasha said...

This is so cute ^^

Shasha said...
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Popcorn said...

I was debating about getting the blusher stick since I missed out on the lipstick. >.< This soooo cuteeee. I would just get it because it is adorable. Thxs for the review! I can't believe what it would look like when you start using alot of it's head. hahah

petrina said...

The lippies are too cute! I wish we had Paul n joe in Au, that way I can test the colours before purchasing. My last Paul n Joe items ( fr the NYC coll) were bought sight unseen n I wasn't too happy with the shades