Sunday, 22 January 2012

Wishlist Collection Spring 2012, part 2

1. Shiseido Maquilage Spring 2012 True Rouge lipsticks
Maquillage released a new selection of eyepalettes too, but my true love in this brand is the delicious way they make lipsticks. I am always stunned about the way they make the perfect MLBB mauvy rose colours that I keep on coming back to (even after having the Diors, Burberry's, a Suqqu, the Lavshucas, the Kanabo Kate's, and ehm...lotsa more).
And the curiosity factor: I am not sure how this formula will be like, so I want to try this one for 'research', he he.

The only gripe is that they do not come cheap (oh, and the packaging) but they are absolutely worth it. RS749 looks like my signature colour but I am lemming something more pink or corally this time, so I think the PK 315 will satisfy my rosy pink needs and the featured BE748 looks like the perfect nudy coral.

2. Anna Sui Rose Cheek Colour:
There are cosmetics I don't need and cosmetics I don't really need at all. Blush is the latter category... And then, ahhhh....they are the cutest shaped ones and the colours.... Swatches can be found over here... 

3. is 3....Three

It's already a really expensive mystery brand to me and this collection looks like something I could totally wear. Uhm, I hardly resemble the model but I have sort of reddish hair (thank you Christophe Robin) and similar skin eyecolour and this looks like something I could wear and flatter me.

But to take the plunge on a mystery brand that is difficult to google (not so handy of the brand) for swatches and is rather expensive for a lucky gamble I think I will wait a bit longer. However, I like her eyeshadow a lot, so I hope I will find some more links, sometimes googling in the brand's language & product names helps...(eg. I found some product pictures over here)


Tammie said...

Rs571 looks like my normal "MLBB" shade, but these lipsticks are damn expensive aren't they... not to mention I am in a bigger gloss mood right now :x

Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the post! Must investigate!

Isabella said...

i think the maquillage line has much nicer colors than the american shiseido line XD

Yumeko said...

THREE is an amazing brand, i do too hope to invest in it someday XD

Caroline said...

I do have THREE eyeshadow palette in 04, which is purple themed, and I just love it! Their eyeshadow palettes are quite unique, including the texture and the way you apply it.

Other than the eyeshadows, THREE's powder foundation is amazing, so does their skincare.

I think THREE is quite popular, and there are tons of reviews, but mainly in Chinese and Japanese.