Sunday, 22 January 2012

Dolce & Gabbana the foundation in 100 Natural Glow

Foundation is an area that I feel both happy and somewhat doubtful about. I have found some really good ones and I could be completely satisfied for what I have, and still I have days that I am not to happy about the colourmatch of my fave foundations.

That resulted in another purchase venture for me: the Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Finish Creamy foundation. I've tried Dolce & Gabanna beauty before in the form of a delightful eyeshadow quad in Mediterannean. I still find the eyeshadows to be one of the better ones I have ever came across. So the step towards the highly raved foundation was a rather easy one. Also, the fact that ubermakeupartist Pat McGrath had a great deal in the formulation/design of this one made it a foundation-lust-have.

I ordered from Harrods during their 10% members sale weekend. Actually, I went for a clothing item I reaaallllly wanted, that, unfortunately was out of stock after purchasing it. 

Harrods know their way of Custom service, so they added a beautiful, handwritten letter.

Similar to the black and gold elements of Harrod's shop, Dolce & Gabbana sticked to their Italian Glamour roots and kept their packaging sleek and slightly opulous glamourous. It sticks to it's brand signature style and many people will recognize it.

Visible on the packaging: the ingredients

In opening the box the glamour continues (which I already smudged a bit upon...I'm not the type for full glamour, LOL).

The spatula is on top of the information sheet and when taking it out it has a variety of languages:

The foundation itself is in a heavy, glass jar with a golden lid on top:

Smooth and creamy.

I was quite unsure of the colour I had to pick based on the swatches online. Moreover, not many bloggers have swatched or reviewed this one in great amount and I could only found a good review from Sabrina on thebeautynotebook. She said that the 100 natural was a bit too light for her, so I reasoned it would be good or slightly darker match (but perfect for summer skin) for me.

It is not the worst match, but I find the amount of yellow and slightly orange undertones not incredibly flattering when I first apply this. However, as with some good Asian foundations, this sometimes can dissapear and the colour will turn into a skin-match.
 Will the Dolce & Gabbana have that same effect?
Answer: Not really. It stays rather orangy on the skin. You might reason this is caused because I have picked a colour too dark, but honestly I have some other, slightly darker-toned foundations which don't go orangy on me.

I also find the colour too matte: it simply lacks a certain glow I am used to when wearing Lunasol creamy foundation or NARS sheer foundation. But that is just a personal case of preferring one formula/finish over another.

Ok, what about the formula?

I think Pat McGrath designed this with her favourite canvasses in mind: the faces of models. The foundation has a silicony feel that you can also have with the first-generation primers, such as the Smashbox Primer.
On the one hand I find it nifty to combine this into a foundation, so you would be able to skip one step into the prepping/foundation routine, which in Pat McGrath face would be really handy when working on a fast-paced tempo on fashionshows.

In real life I have to say that I have never liked the feel of the first generation primers in the first case. I can feel the silicones too much present on my face. I feel similar with this foundation. I really feel like I am wearing foundation in a not-too-pleasanty way.

Conclusion: it is not a foundation for me, period. (don't like it). I will stick to the Burberry/RBR/NARS/Lunasol. I am still happy I ordered a D&G eyeshadow palette with the order because otherwise I would have been totally dissapointed. I hope the formula of that one is still as good as when I bought my first one in Milan in 2010.

I bought it at who ships internationally for £34.00, but add some other good stuff because their shipping is quite expensive. Kind of makes me wonder why Harrods ships D&G but doesn't ship out Tom Ford Beauty...why?


Jamilla Camel said...

So sorry about your experience! I do reccomend the Ellis Faas foundation for you, in the lightest shade.

Isabella said...

eek orange foundations are the worst >_<

Pauline Reyes said...

Awwww. Did you purchase other shades of this foundation? Did it go orangey too?
~Pauline @Kallony