Thursday, 5 January 2012

Review Rouge Bunny Rouge blush in Starina: Warming me Subtly

Finding a good skin shader and warmer for a paler skin can be difficult.

Bronzers that are suitable for summer skin can be too brassy-looking and the cooler taupe shades are lovely shaders but do not bring in any warmth.

So in my quest to find a suitable skinwarmer/shader for my almost ghostly winter skin I went for Rouge Bunny Rouge. I think it was probably PlanetMartha review that convinced me the most, but I looked up various swatches online from the excellent beautyblogger-pack.

The official name for the Blush range is Original Skin Blush: for the Love of Roses. You cannot blame Rouge Bunny Rouge for being unromantic, because their romantic and utopian desciptions promise you heaven and earth at the same time.

Starina is described as the Palest Coral with a illuminating radiance, and it's being mentioned as "great for any pale complexion". Good, it should work for little Casperina me.

 As for many blush-types, it depends in which light it is seen. Hence, in cool light Starina looks almost cool/taupy but don't be fooled because it is a neutral warm:
RBR blush Starina: cool light no flash
Warmer light:
RBR blush Starina: Warmer light and flash
Still, for a coral I find it to be pleasurably neutral:

Close-up of the pan: (tiny little specks of light gold)

The next swatches are done thickly...this one is done in cooler light, which makes it look a bit brick-like:

RBR Starina Swatch: tiny gold specks liven up the complexion
Warmer light: it does make the coral look more obvious, but more like a brownish/dirty coral.

Unfortunately, the lighter swatches were not so visible on camera, but it really gives my complexion a warmer glow without going into fake and bronzer-obvious territory.

Together with my totally different and cooler Burberry Earthy blush it has been such a lovely shader/skin warmer and I would declare it as a bronzer-esque product for really lightskinned people.

The durability is excellent: I swatched this on my arm and put my sweater over it. After rubbing off for 6 hours, the swatch was still there. The Edward Bess South to France blush (swatched similarly) already faded a lot but this one stayed put!

So my first venture on Rouge Bunny Rouge blush has been excellent. The glow is so gorgeous and the durability is really strong. Moreover, the colour is truely suitable for the paler skinned ones.

I purchased this one on, always lovely, and with the ability to pick out your own samples from quite an impressive range (more RBR highlighters, etc)


Jamilla Camel said...

Thank you for the review! I do need to get me some RBR!

The Driveller Kate said...

Yay! This brand is one of my faves, and I'm so glad to hear this blush was a hit for you too :) I agree, it's the perfect warm nude for paleys and a great texture.

Old Cow said...

Starina is a constant favourite of mine. I really love this brand, and am very excited because I have just received a bunch of stuff to try out including a RED LIPPY!!! AHHHHHHH!!!

I wonder what you will try next?