Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Hurray, this is my 1st mid-weekly for the year 2012...

1. Fish Spa-pedi...

I actually went to a Fish-Spa establishment for the first time in December to get my feet ready for the pretty shoes season. For people scared of feet (or the other way around, too exited about feet) I made an intentionally blurry picture of the feet being cuddled/functioning as breakfast-material by some Turkish Fish Spa munchers.

I liked the experience, but it was more an all-over exfoliation instead of a deep-pedi treatment. I still had to take care of the last bit of unsmoothiness at home.
(For people who wonder what I was wearing as POTD, it was MAC Violet Femme nailpolish ♥)

2. Inner Beauty...

finishing my beauty-capsules and on the lookout for another brand.

Viridian has been such a lovely brand for getting some extra vitamins/minerals that will help me with getting my skin a bit more glowy. However, I tried it twice and I kind of want to try another suppliment for helping me glow/prettifying the skin.

Any suggestions on a good inner beauty supplement?

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Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the info on the fish pedi! Will stick with humans!