Friday, 6 January 2012

The almost 500 Giveaway

I have been plotting another giveaway for this dreary and probably cash-derived time of the year, but I didn't want to call it the January Giveaway's again.

So, I thought I was going to be a bit selffish and a tad pride of the fact that I almost have 500 followers. I have been blogging regularly since 2009 and I realise that it is quite good even though I am not trying to be an A-list beautyblogger. (makes me realise I can really relate and smile about this article of 'Confessions of a B-list Beautyblogger' a lot).

But what is in there for you?

1. Burberry Sheer Lipstick in 206 / Blueberry

Freshly released for FW 2011 and a beautiful deep bitten cherry-ish colour. Swatched here (theultimatemakeup) and here ( CafeMakeup).

Absolutely stunning, so why am I giving this new lipstick away? Well, I vowed that if I didn't use this colour for the 2011 Holidays I would have to give the favour to other beauty-fanatics. How much I love lipsticks, I do not go for the darker colours too much, and if I do I often go for Julie Hewitt's beautiful darker interpretations.

Moreover, since they are on sale in the Netherlands and online at the I noticed they lost a bit of their niche and exclusive appeal. That still makes me love Burberry cosmetics a lot, though, only not enough to treasure this lipstick, so I hope the future winner will treasure it enough ;D

My close-up of the lipstick you might win:

2. Banila Co The Secret Blush/Highlighter in 02 Eternity

Wow, I can promise you Eternity as a price? Who wouldn't wanna win that? Also, so pretty as a highlighter but honestly when you have one Banilla The Secret you do not really have to have all colours of them.

I guess I can make another winner really happy with this beautiful glow:

3. Haus of Gloi BodyLotion in Madcap Garden

Lushious Haus of Gloi are a beautyblogger's favourite and you can try out why...This one is brand new too. So indulge in a beautiful garden before it is officially spring with this excellent bodylotion.

4. My Beauty Diary SheetMasks in Chocolate Truffle

Another beautybloggers favourite and they probably need no introduction...I will add 3 of them in my giveaway....

So you might guess I will be a bit more demanding for this giveaway than my previous ones, because I would actually like to reach the magic 500 followers :P


1. Make a comment or say something small in the comment section

2. I should be able to contact you, so either leave your email behind, or, if you have it listed in your profile, I can contact you that way.

3. This time you HAVE TO BE A FOLLOWER. You can always unfollow me afterwards, but please don't because my blog is actually not that bad ;D

4. Contest ends on Monday, 9th of January 2012, 13.00 hrs European standard time)

5. You are only able to make one comment, so no cheaters who would like to double  their chances.

6. Winner will be announced in a new post after randomly being selected by

7. Please contact me within 2 days to claim your prize or another winner will be selected!
8. Prizes will be shipped by airmail WORLDWIDE within 3 business days after winner contacts me!

So, good luck so you might get your beauty-fix without spending!


Fifi said...

The third rule made me LOL. :D
I've been a follower for quite a while and I love your reviews on Japanese makeup :)

Jessica said...

Wow, great prizes! Please enter me :) I follow via GFC as Jessica and my email is xofeilunhaixo(at)yahoo(dot)com.

patuxxa said...

Lovely! I follow you via Google Reader / Social Network (ah, whatever it's called now) and my email is patuxxa[at]gmail[dot]com

Camelia Andrasescu said...

enter me ,please!
Great giveaway , thank you!
I follow you via GFC : Camelia Andrasescu
Email :
Thank you

Miffy said...

I've been a lurker for a while but now I follow you :)
Would've done this a long time ago, except I still can't distinguish the barrier between following and subscribing to RSS feeds lol. I thought they were the same but maybe not!
Anyhow, thanx for the great giveaway! Hope your generosity brings you even more luck in this new year!

terry said...

I follow through GFC as terry and my email is You're definitely A-list to all of us who love and support your blog!! You go girl!!;)))

Vanity-Fashionista said...

Thank you for this giveaway! :)


lilmizzruby said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. I wasn't a follower at first, but now I am. Thanks for the giveaway.

Isabella said...

been following for a whilee mostly due to the earlier gmarket hauls :D

Sarah said...

I usually read your posts in my Google Reader but I am now following you via GFC(I won't unfollow after the contest either LOL)

Sarah B.

mandy said...

lol What effort someone must go through to unfollow a blog after following for a giveaway. I'd forgot about who it is a followed after a day xD

Thanks for the giveaway!! ^__^ & Happy New Year :]


黒澤 ヌードル said...

An old follower here.

黒澤 ヌードル


immorivine♥ said...

Have been a silent reader for awhile. I might've accidentally posted twice...the first time I tried to post nothing appeared on my screen so I assume it wasn't posted.


Shasha said...

Nice giveaway ^^ Congrats for(almost) the 500 followers :)
old GFC Follower: shasha ^^

laurensianatasha (at)gmail (dot) com

Thank you ^^

Ida said...

Congrats on the almost 500 followers! That's a lot! :) I'm a follower and always enjoy looking at the photos and reading the posts.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on almost 500 followers :)I have been following your blog for a long time.
GFC : sataa
Thanks xx

Mandy said...

Great prizes! ^^ I've been following your blog for a while since your g-market posts! My e-mail is mandyltran[at]gmail[dot]com

jc said...

I want the Blueberry lipstick, real bad!

Congratulations and Happy New Year!

GFC: jc

Kat said...

Hi! Happy new year! The burberry lipstick looks divine! :)

I am an existing GFC follower
katch05 at gmail dot com

Mary in Wonder said...

oookay, I'm surely not gonna win after the last time, but I'm a bitch and love to take part in every single giveaway just for the feel of it so here I am. Of course I'm a follower and a lazy ass to comment ad just LOLed at "You can always unfollow me afterwards, but please don't because my blog is actually not that bad ;D" this is the sweetest reason I've ever seen in giveaway rules! =D
BTW, are you really sure you want to part with the Burberry l/s? I mean, yeah it's friggin awesome for the winner, but for you...>.< I'd die of heart ache...unless I had a backup with the same color XDDD
Now I shut up or I'll end up with an essay @.@
Anyhow.....Congrats for almost hitting 500 followers! That's a helluva lot! ^.^
symymary @

peniam said...

Not bad..not bad at all .. Hahahahah!! Kidding but the rule no3 made laugh!! I love when people have great sense of humor!!!

Denisse Samantha said...

I love your blog. It's very entertaining and informative! No wonder why you have so many followers. =]

Love from Denisse Samantha <3

Kari said...

aaaaah I'd love to win the masks because I've read nothing but positive review on them, but the others are just as nice!

my email: saeko_mizuku at yahoo dot com

Sara said...

I have been following your blog for a while now and really love it. And must say you have really amazing giveaways! My email is

fleur said...

Keep up the good work with the blog!

Barika said...

Really great products in giveaway box, i if I would win this give away, it would be the first one ever :D
Btw. Stay as great as you are, I really enjoy your articles! ;)