Monday, 16 January 2012

Burberry Lip Definer in Rosewood 07

I am quite happy with the Burberry beauty products being available in Holland. I remember scheduling my whole London trip on the mere premises of visiting Harrods, which was mainly for the Burberry counter.

The beauty addict in me now has fewer miles to travel for it, or can even let it deliver at home.

My latest acquisition is not that exiting, but still exiting to me: the Burberry lip pencil in Rosewood 07.
 Lip-pencils are the working horses of the makeup-spectrum. They should make your lips look more perfect (slightly bigger/smaller/symmetrical) without being obvious-unless you aspire to have the mid-90 look (eg looking at some Baywatch 'actors').

Moreover, it is easy to get it wrong when going for a lip-pencil. One that is too soft will have the tendency to fade/get blotchy or dissapear into the (beginning) finer lines of the mouth...ouch. One too hard cannot position the colour right, or worse, the pulling around the mouth just creates new lines.
Burberry Definer: pencil sharpener included
And then there is the issue of colour. Often we are told to match it with your lipstick but is that really necessary? It is, according to MAC latest Tour De Fabulous Collection , but basically you can work with a pencil that comes close to your own lipcolour to correct what you want to correct; The lipstick will take care of the colour you would like to have.

I had two colours that matches me closely in Burberry: 03 Sepia (with some shimmer) and 07 Rosewood. In the store I went they didn't have Sepia anymore, so I picked Rosewood instead.

My habit of sizing up:
Burberry Lip Definer vs Chanel Precision Lip Definer
 Burberry pencils are rather large. I put it next to my Chanel Precision Lip Definer in Naturel. Burberry is quite bigger, but Chanel has a handy lipbrush extended.

Because I have Chanel already included, I will show you swatches of them both. However, (you'll see), Chanel Naturel will come in handy  later.

Swatch: Chanel Precision LL in Naturel & Burberry LL in Rosewood
Because Burberry has quite some colours in their spectrum with the name Rosewood, I will show you why a rose(wood) isn't always the same, even though they share the same name.

My lipstick in Rosewood:

Swatches of the 2 pencils and the Rosewood lipstick:

Exactly, doesn't the Chanel lip definer in Naturel look like a better and closer match than the Burberry lip definer in Rosewood?

The Rosewood lip-liner is also quite matte and a lot cooler-toned (mauve spectrum of the Rose). I do not mind this for matching the natural colour of the mouth, but it doesn't seem too consistent of Burberry to make the colours among the same name quite different in colour.

For the rest I believe Burberry lippencils are a close to perfect in quality. They are not too hard but neither too soft. Moreover, they hardly fade and if they do after quite some time (6-7 hours) it does not appear to go blotchy.

Overal, an semi-expensive working horse (€ 18) but quite worth it.


Shasha said...

I never tried burberry's product..
The rosewood color look nice.. :)
Thanks for the swatch and review

LauraJean396 said...

This looks beautiful! I love the look of the product itself and its packaging! I think I have just lemmed my first Burberry makeup item.

Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the review! I LOVE Burberry makeup!

Mary in Wonder said...

aww such a beautiful color! That, i would call perfect! ^.^

Pammy said...

Pretty! I also thought that the Chanel lip liner looks so much closer to the Burberry lipstick. :)