Saturday, 14 January 2012

Beauty Spotter: NARS Spring collection on Euro-site

My title is quite explicatory. Yesterday the collection wasn't there yet and today it arrived:

Temptalia has swatched and reviewed it (here), Karen swatched these (here), the beautycafe has pictures of the products (here).

Personally, I'm drawn to the fun and slightly fuschia Mexican Rose lip pencil, the Bilbao lipstick looks nice but I'm not completely drawn to NARS formula. The Paramaribo duo eyeshadow looks extra tempting because the Netherlands have a (Colonial -shame shame) past with Surinam and the colours really represent the natural beauty of the capital of Surinam, Paramaribo.

The blush will leave some (cool toned) ladies have their heart beat faster, and although quite a unique colour, I think I will skip upon a bubblegum pink colour.

What are you planning to get from the NARS Bright Bold Iconic range?

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