Saturday, 14 January 2012

Beauty Spotter: Lunasol spring 2012 collection

I spotted some of the Lunasol Sping 2012 collection on adambeauty.

 This will probably their most anticipated product, the eyeshadow quads. Quite beautiful and in a range of soft colours:

Still, I wait for other reviews to come in to see if I will get me a quad.  I found some swatches over here and here plus Yuki has swatched the whole collection. The 01 Sweet Peach looks really lovely.

Also, a couple of new colours in the cream cheek range has been launched, EX5 Rose Coral, EX6 Pink Coral and EX7 Coral Orange (here).

A new blush product has been launched as well, allthough I don't like the cheap packaging that reminds me too much of Benefit blush (but with the Lunasol pricetag). 

What I haven't seen is the eyebrow pencils, the lipgloss, the lipstick and the nailpolish. I've spotted the eyebrow pencils, the tube lipgloss & the lightning eyes on (put Lunasol in the search column). The rest (lipstick, other lipglosses) will probably be launched soon.

Adambeauty has them in now so it might be something for you.


Jamilla Camel said...

Lovely! Perfect for you!

birkinbagbeauty said...

he he, Jamilla...But I really dig those softer colours lately so I am quite tempted to buy them before the other reviews come in

Anonymous said...

They look soft and beautiful, especially the eyeshadow palettes! <3