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Palet-mania: Edward Bess Back to Basics

I have a soft spot for palettes. They are often the perfect way to try different products from a particular brand, are easy to take with you, and are often in the cutest box.

I kinda stopped for a while with my Paletmania: I couldn't find anything that mixes up a good match of colours nor did I find a brand I really wanted to explore. Until recently, when Edward Bess ventured on the field of palettes.

 I already tried some of Edward's products (here) and some where hits and others not so much. What I hadn't tried but was still curious about were his creamy cheek blush, his lipglosses and the lipsticks. So when I saw this palette would feature his creamy blush ánd some lipglosses I was almost sold. They also featured more of my favourite Bess products: the eyeshadows.

From the swatches from niche beautyblogger Sabina (beautylookbook) I saw that the Back to Basic palette looked like a better choice for me than the Berry Chic one.

The palette embodies the same minimalistic chic as his other products. It really reminds me of Bobbi Brown.

Speaking of Bobbi Brown, I want to show you the difference in size and compartability, as, after all, a good palette should be handy to carry around with you:

Basically, Edward Bess is the longer and thinner version of Bobbi Brown.

I actually prefer the size of Bess to tote around with me: you can put it in a sort of sleeve or in the side-pocket of your bag. It is somewhat wallet-like.

The inside:

The palette is quintessentially like a good functioning palette with a mirror, the compartments separated, and, good extra, actually a good quality brush instead of your run-your-mill disposable applicators!

In the full view they are a selection of safe neutrals.

A closer look:
The Blush (lipstick)

This is exactly the same blush in different lightning. It was so hard to capture the true colour of this one so it is basically a mix of the two. And you will see in the swatches that it is actually a bit of a problem child to me, colourwise.

The highlighter & eyeshadows:

The highlighter looks regular in the pan, but the swatches will show that it actually has some flecks of glitter in it. The eyeshadows are beautifully creamy.

The Lipglosses:

The top colour contains some beautifully delicate shimmer and the bottom one is darker with a lovely rosy glow. Quite understated and beautiful.

Swatches: Blush/highlighter/lipglosses

The blush

I have to say I am quite confused about this blush because of it's muddy mauvy tones. When I first swatched it I thought it had a whole lot of mauve undertones so I compared it with my recent mauvy/purply purchase from Rouge Bunny Rouge, the Gracilis.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Gracilis
I can see that one is absolutely no match either, although you can see the Edward Bess still is rather on the mauve site and RBR really is a pinkier version next to it. I have to say it is a unique colour in my collection

So I am confused how I would use this colour. I find it too corps-like as a lipstick but it doesn't really benefit as a perk-me-up blush colour either.
I concluded it would be a wonderful shader colour for cooler skin-tones. Somewhat, as a neutral toned woman, I think I can use it as a shader too, only with a delicate hand.

Texture blush:
I would say it has a typical lipstick texture being a bit harder compared to other cream-blush that I have (Bobbi Brown, Julie Hewitt, Becca, Mac) so you have to spend some time blending it in. It does stay on longer, because if it's dryer texture.

Swatch Highlighter:
It was not what I had in mind...I think the glitter doesn't do it any good. Otherwise, it would have been a delightful rose-based creamy tint.

Swatch Glosses:
The glosses are the unexpected hit from the collection, especially when I read that thenonblonde and Sabina were both dissapointed in them. I absolutely LOVE the colours and I believe the creaminess is one of the best and the smoothest I have come across. It makes me really curious for the full-size lipglosses because if both women are dissapointed in the palette-glosses and they tried the real size before, than that one has to be even better.

Swatches: The Eyeshadows:

These are my absolute favourite of the palette. The texture is so wonderfully soft and brings out a glow on the eyelids. My favourite are the two lighter colours. Colour 1 to be a buttery, somewhat yellow toned cream and the second one a pink hued cream.
 The 3rd colour is a rose-toned brown that is excellent for bringing out a slightly different hue in hazel, blue and green eyes, so I love it for it's neutral quality ánd being able to make the eyes stand out a bit. The last colour, the darkest one, is a lovely neutral brown with slight shimmer to make it come alive. So lovely for shading and a soft eyeliner.


This palette is absolutely travel-worthy on trips that are based in the winter or colder cities (or when having a paler skin colour) and I can see it working on tanned skin as well (for example Sabrina again) as the neutral no-makeup-look essentials. 

Some textures/colours surprised me in a good way (the lipglosses) and some were not really my thing (highlighter). I really like the fact that the eyeshadow/lipgloss brush included is made of higher quality hairs so the brush is a big benefit as well. I think the price is quite normal/good for a travel palette because the brushes are good and Bess didn't compromise on the quality of the products as some of the palettes of cosmetics brands sometimes do (cough MAC).
I bought it from Zuneta and if you buy anything from them don't forget to add the ZBEAUTYBIBLE code for 10% off.

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