Wednesday, 28 September 2011

mid weekly quirkologies

Ooofff, right in time before wednesday is over. Or, perhaps for my Asian readers it is already over and it is thursday. However, I almost forgot what has been going on in Birkie's week:

1. It has been about the celebration of dreams, or fairytales.

As a child a fantastical story starts of with the words "once upon a time", and then you get a story that is about a good person(s) getting into a problematic situation, however, in the end it works out for them. Most Hollywood movies work like that as well. Finally, I think you should believe in some of the things you believed in as a child, that you can become that doctor or perhaps another version of the sweet princess.

Also, you can adopt your fairytales and dreams as well: if being the pretty princess waiting passively for your prince doesn't seem to work for you, because you like to be the modern Princess, for example someone like Beyonce who works her shapely booty off to get success in life, and still gets the mutually sucessful and rich husband. And back to Beyonce, I loved Destiny's child so much as a teen and the group worked so hard and at such a young age to get where they are now. Perhaps Beyonce has been a tad luckier than the other members (looks and voice) but don't forget the world is full of pretty faces and voices and she is the one who is that succesful Bilionaire now. So, yeh, believing in your dream and alter them to your own personality and wishes.

2. Probably the most girly anthem ever: "girls just wanna have fun".

Miss Cindy Lauper was quite right about something. The fairytale story is often about scoring the prince, but don't forget your girlfriends and your normal friends! And sometimes you want to have a bit of fun without thinking of the tensions in life. For example, dance weirdly like no-one is watching, or perhaps as if someone is watching and thinking "what the heck has she's been drinking?" but you don't care because you having a blast with your friends (or alone if that suits you). So I have been mightly philosophical last week with a bit of life-flirting with it....

How were your last 7 days and what was your 'funnest' moment?

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies

pictures made with Instagram

1. With all the Fashion-week parades, the fashion circus landed in London.

So I kept an eye on the new trends for spring/summer 2012. I really like the boldness of London-based fashionweeks, so this one is probably my favourite.

2. Very typically British but the London Fashion Week made me miss London and the idea of having a High Tea.

The high tea tradition is probably not so London-esque anymore and I doubt if many people in Britain actually still do the high tea as it was done among Middle/Higher classes in the heydays. But it looks so typically British and, ofcourse, the cute finger-food sized munchies and sweet pies and the teas...swoooooon! The champagne looks good as well.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Becca Mineral Blush in Sweet Pea (Autumn 2011 Lost Weekend Collection)

After this elaborate title to tell you what this post is about, I kind of forgot to mention that it is a review with swatches. Well, I hope this first sentence made that clear ;D

I am a huge sucker for natural-looking blushes. If you think that puts me into a danger zone, than you are partly right, because I have a huge collection of natural looking blush-colours. On the other hand, there are so many colours around with obvious glitter specks (cough NARS orgasm) that sets me on a slighter safer ground for sure.

And, I kind of realise that I have a lot of colours so I rarely buy any blush these days. Also, thanks to the gorgeous girls on other blogs posting elaborate reviews/pictures/comparisions that makes me wanna say "ok, I have such a (similar) colour in my collection too, so I don't need this one".

I have a weak spot for Becca. Because when it comes to natural colours and well-made textures this Australian brand seldom dissapoints.

In their latest collection called "the lost weekend" I expected the colours to be even more natural than usual, as Becca refers to the naturalness of the 'Australian Rite of passage'.

Wow, looking at the models and their perfectly tawny made-up skin I had the right idea about the 'Lost Weekend'. The model on the right actually looks like she has some mixed Asian heritage, but these days almost everyone is from mixed heritage. At least they both have enviously beautiful skin and features...Lucky gene-pole!

Before seeing this collection I was looking for a sort of neutral brown blush with a hint of rosiness in it to look convincingly natural. Brown on my skin alones simply looks flat. I have been having a close eye to Autumns fashion collections, and the 60s seem to be coming back. Only, when reading makeup instructions with 60s-faces they always say 'NO BLUSH'. Ehm, sorry but foundation with no blush means a one-dimensional face to me! I need some blush to make it more-dimensional! So I've been looking for the most natural kind there is.

Sweet Pea is described as a Rosy plum nude. So is that true?

In the pan Sweet Pea looks like a soft nude brown with a hint of red and rose. Still, it is mostly a nude colour:

Close Up:

With flash you can see the specks quite clear. Don't worry too much about this: Becca is often quite subtle about the spects and they only function to make your skin look more glowy and alive, and not a semi-disco ball.

On my tiny stippling brush:

The first picture is the blush applied UNBLENDED:

It is already quite subtle against my skintone. I cannot see so much rosiness into it. I would qualify it more as a nude/brown with reddish undertones. The specks translate themselves into a lovely glow.

This picture is deliberately not sharp to see how the colour looks from a is still unblended:

As I said before, it looks like a reddish brown from that perspective.

How does it look when blended?

When blended, and Becca blush are so perfect for blending as they become so subtle! It becomes a barely noticable glow and a slightly deepening of my skintone that makes it look fresh and natural.

I think it makes it perfect for the purpose I bought it in the first place: for creating dimension/glow/a hint of colour in that oftenly stark 1960s look. After all the interpretation of a previous era should stay an interpretation and let the real models go for the theatresque looks, right?

Becca's lastablity is really good. The blush stays put on foundation for the whole day.

Even without foundation it stays put for at least 5 a 6 hours.

The Becca mineral blush doesn't come cheap for $32.00 or 25 euros.

I bought mine during a promotion on Zuneta, which actually was more about the Lost Weekend Palette I will review soon (buy the palette and get an illuminator for free, but that promotion is gone now).  Zuneta offers excellent service and all the time I've ordered from them they delivered within 4 or 5 days from the UK to the Netherlands. But you can buy them from the Becca site as well or other sites too.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Becca newbies

Birkie has some new Becca goodies to play with:

It's still a teaser post, but I was so happy to see such a gorgeous box filled with delightfully chic purple paper and new pretties in their Becca boxes.

So far for the last teaser picture:

Stay tuned for reviews soon!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies

Oy, another 7 days have gone by:

1. I have been updating my scent-wardrobe into a warmer and more Autumn-esque variety.

This one is from a limited Edition from MAC, the master of limited editions ;D. It's name is Créations Africanimal and has a strong honey note combined with some perfumed florals. I like it for it's Autumn-like warmness it invokes.

2. Into coziness of interior decorating

Autumn means more time to spend in the house, so the warmness I crave in perfume is transformed into the home as well. These candles and lights are not my own, but it looks so lovely that I am planning to decorate a table full of fairy lights and lighted bottles. I have to skip the candelier for the moment, ha ha, but the table with lights alone will do.

Ps. sorry for the lack of posts. I have a review coming up, but that sasa order I have been complaining about not arriving still hasn't arrived yet. Quite bothersome. I hope to get back to you all soon ;D

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies

Almost officially Autumn, therefore

1. I have been intuitively reaching for the burnished, Autumnal colours and enjoying them.

This tiny bottle is from Color Club in the wonderfully rusty red shade 'Spanish Sienna'. I am also looking forward going all autumn with the eyes, abandoning perky watery/summery shades for a while and bringing on the bronze, the embers and the golds

2. Talking about perky, I've rediscovered this paintpot from MAC in...Perky.

Not the most Autumn-shade, or actually the peach tones compliment the rusties and bronzes a bit. It's also quite the multitasker shade for highlighting cheeks in a peachy tone or going for the Nude/peach look.

I like rediscoveries and from the abundance of makeup I have I should go diving in my cabinet a bit more to rediscover some perfectly good, but slightly ignored products a bit more