Wednesday, 28 September 2011

mid weekly quirkologies

Ooofff, right in time before wednesday is over. Or, perhaps for my Asian readers it is already over and it is thursday. However, I almost forgot what has been going on in Birkie's week:

1. It has been about the celebration of dreams, or fairytales.

As a child a fantastical story starts of with the words "once upon a time", and then you get a story that is about a good person(s) getting into a problematic situation, however, in the end it works out for them. Most Hollywood movies work like that as well. Finally, I think you should believe in some of the things you believed in as a child, that you can become that doctor or perhaps another version of the sweet princess.

Also, you can adopt your fairytales and dreams as well: if being the pretty princess waiting passively for your prince doesn't seem to work for you, because you like to be the modern Princess, for example someone like Beyonce who works her shapely booty off to get success in life, and still gets the mutually sucessful and rich husband. And back to Beyonce, I loved Destiny's child so much as a teen and the group worked so hard and at such a young age to get where they are now. Perhaps Beyonce has been a tad luckier than the other members (looks and voice) but don't forget the world is full of pretty faces and voices and she is the one who is that succesful Bilionaire now. So, yeh, believing in your dream and alter them to your own personality and wishes.

2. Probably the most girly anthem ever: "girls just wanna have fun".

Miss Cindy Lauper was quite right about something. The fairytale story is often about scoring the prince, but don't forget your girlfriends and your normal friends! And sometimes you want to have a bit of fun without thinking of the tensions in life. For example, dance weirdly like no-one is watching, or perhaps as if someone is watching and thinking "what the heck has she's been drinking?" but you don't care because you having a blast with your friends (or alone if that suits you). So I have been mightly philosophical last week with a bit of life-flirting with it....

How were your last 7 days and what was your 'funnest' moment?

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