Thursday, 3 November 2011

Review: By Terry Rose de Rose Sheer liquid Blush 3 Amber Rose vs Inglot AMC Face & Body Illuminator 64

It's no secret that I like blush creating products, neither that I have a lot of them. To have a product that comes close to a favourite, or even a product that seems to be used for more that the half of it, is pretty rare.

That is what I have with my beloved By Terry Rose de Rose sheer liquid Blush in Amber Rose 3.

By Terry Rose de Rose Sheer Liquid Blush: quite used up

Until recently I haven't been able to find something alike. Well, there are some powder blushes that give a somewhat similar effect, but I never saw anything that could be in the running for a dupe.

He he, seeing my title you must know what's next: I saw something that could be a dupe.

So I did when I went to Inglot.

Inglot AMC face/body Illuminator in 64 = By Terry Rose de Rose in Rose Amber 3 ??
Lookswise, looking at the content they look really matchy. I didn't bring my By Terry to the Inglot shop because I had no idea they would have a similar product, but at home I realised they look really twin-like!

First, I do not have any pictures of the By Terry box anymore. Still, By Terry is a high-quality product and the glass bottle still looks rather mint after 1 1/2 year of Birkie useage...that should count as double the years as a person who is really careful with her products ;)

Inglot, on the other hand, comes in a plastic bottle. Somewhat less chic but better proof against tiles.

They contain the same amount of fluid blush, 15 ml.

So far they look really similar. So I decided to take out some of both liquid blush and display them on a tissue. First, By Terry always has too much blush coming out, so you have to pump a quarter of it to get the right amount, something I barely have mastered (and sometimes not) after one and a half year.

Inglot is easier to dispense and to manage the amount that comes out. Enough for blushy cheeks.

But the colour looks still really similar from this distance:

Both are burnished rose colours or perhaps rosy bronzes, whatever you prefer, and have a hint of metallic flecks inside. They are not intrusive on the face, though. They give the face a glowy/highlighty blush.

Still, They already differ when having a close up on the tissue. So here is the same picture, only bigger:

By Terry Rose Amber looks a bit more rose tinted, whereas Inglot AMC 64 tends to have a tad more orange tones.

On the skin:

So, I already noticed that the By Terry was more Rose and cool and the Inglot had more Orange and warm tones. On the skin you can see this more obviously:


When slightly sheered out they look like twins again:

Only to see that By Terry has a higher coverage and Inglot is sheerer. That makes sense because By Terry claims it is a blush product only and Inglot claims to be a face and body illuminator. Body products are normally more sheer than the face-ones and illuminators are normally sheerer than blush products.

By Terry also looks more metallic on the skin, something better to be seen on the next picture:


Let's make a short comparing note:

By Terry has a delicious and somewhat luxurious rose scent to its blush that doesn't irritate my nose or skin.
Inglot has a florally fruity scent, quite soft but also more on the synthetic side.

By Terry provides more coverage and has more metallic part in it.
Inglot is a sheerer version and not so metallic.
Right now I prefer the coverage of Inglot, as I always have to sheer out By Terry a lot (and apply some sheer powder over it to tone it down), otherwise I look a bit too blushed-up. Inglot has the perfect sheerness for me.
But still, this is personal and if you prefer your blush to be more noticable (because of your skintone or effect you want) you would prefer By Terry

By Terry is the more expensive one for € 38 euros.
Inglot retails for € 18

Discussed often in this post and show on various pictures. They look like twins or dupes, but on a close encount they differ in tone, for By Terry being more a rose and deeper tinted and Inglot a slightly oranged rose. 
By Terry is also more metallic, which will highlight imperfections a bit more if you have them. Inglot is glowy with a slight metallic tint to it.

Luxury feel:
By Terry is a bit more luxurious with the glass bottle and delicious rose scent. But Inglot is still classy and the classy bottle makes it safer to drop on the floor

Total Conclusion:
Not dupes but really close sisters on the skin. They have this similar effect that, in my opinion, only a liquid blush can bring about. I really like liquid blush for that reason, even over a creamy blush, because you can blend it so easily. Both products blend easy, and Inglot perhaps a bit easier because it is more sheer.

If you want some more feedback on liquid blush and see By Terry in action, go to makeup guru Lisa Eldridge for more viewtastic information: here!


Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the tip! I love anything By Terry, but I'll be heading to the local Inglot store soon!

sizbelle said...

totally agreed with the luxury scent by terry products contains!

They always make me feel like a princess