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Banila Co Color & Stripes lipstick PR652 Cape Cod

Wow, it has been a long time since I swatched and reviewed a lipstick for my beautyblog.

I hope I haven't neglected the lipstick-lovers in that field. :D. It is just that I have found the Summer 2011 collection of Asian cosmetics a bit underwhelming. Which, on a different note, is not the only underwhelming aspect of summer 2011: ha ha, but I won't start that weather-complaint again you propably encountered among quite a few Northern-European based bloggers.

What I did like and blogged about earlier is the summer range of Banila Co. At least, I have only bought their baked bronzer/blush (should we call such items bLonzers?) and really like how it turned out. So it was time to add a lipstick of their range to my collection.

I picked one of the colours I would normally shy away from: Cape Cod. Well, used to shy away from, because If have been into some brighter colours lately. It is funny to see how the right shade of pink actually makes my eyes look more bright. And I seem to like some pinks for its non-serious effect: you know, a red lipstick often has that idea of seriousness, either wanting to be sexy/sensual, or business-like, or sleek. A wonderful Fuschia-pink actually says something like: "I like to highlight my lips but I can be quite happy and carefree".

All this talk about pink lips, and I actually picked a purple toned colour.

How did that work out for me?

First I will review the service I received at Banila's shop on gmarket. Which has been quite good: I only bought one small item from them (the lippy) and got three samples.

Which is a lot better than the stories (and own experience) I have with Etude House lately...measly bunch they have become! That is the reason I skip Etude House on gmarket these days. Also, I haven't found anything from their new released that made me curious, unlike last year, when I really loved one of their lipsticks so much I bought 3 different shades of them!

Banila Co is always punctual about a wonderful and original packaging. The cool pink and cherry stripes are cute without venturing in the Tween territory.

So, colourwise I took it even a step further than my fuschia pinks:

I was not really sure how the colour would turn out based on the swatches online. I had seen the colour chart that Banila provided:

Also, this Korean blog has some swatches of the lipsticks. So I had an idea that it would absolutely be a purple toned lipstick.

My first swatch on paper:

It really is that purple lipstick with a bit of pink in it. What I found striking is that the pigmentation is quite strong and good. Perhaps a bit too good for my liking. I really covers the redness of my lips and the colour in the tube is almost the colour how it looks on the lips.

When I say pigmented, I do not mean it is matte. It is absolutely a lipstick with sheen, which, personally, I find more flattering for me.

I thought it would resemble my Mac Girl About Town a bit:

But boy, was I wrong about that. They are not even distant cousins!

However, I compared them because lots of beautybloggers know how Mac Girl About Town can look on, and compared to that one the Banila Co. Cape Cod is even more purply and cool.

I hope (and think) the next photo gives a good impression of the level of opacity. It resembles the texture and opacity of the YSL Rouge Volupte line.

Similarly as YSL Rouge Volupte, this lipstick is scented. I cannot quite describe the sort of scent, but it is pleasant enough and in the grown up range.

Personally, I find the texture, formula and form of the lipstick quite nice. My only drawback is that the purple colour is not really flattering on me. It has the ability to work for me when I sheer it out a bit, but on full intensity it is quite too....ehm, Lady Gaga? Or an early Cindy Lauper, perhaps. Quite 80s.

However, I do think about reordering this one in a different colour.  I was already hesitating about buying Victoria, which will probably be that happy pink I like. Or I could go for another peachy addition with Miami. Not sure yet.

You can find these on Gmarket for $12.74 over here, itemno. 212435691.

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Pammy said...

It still looks pretty. :)

Miami and Shanghai both caught my eye.