Saturday, 9 July 2011

Mini review: Kiss Me HEAVY ROTATION long volume dynamic mascara

In my last venture on the mascara front I told you I wasn't completely overwhelmed with the Kiss Me Heroine latest mascara (post here). I still wanted to try another one, just for the heck of it and because of my eternal search for longer, fluttering lashes.

I think I mentioned I was curious about the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation one? At least, I I purchased this one with my last Adambeauty order.

In general, I already noticed that the brush would probably the most standard of brushes: the old-fashion hairy brush that I actually find soft enough for my sensitive eyes. Yeh, you actually coat your lashes instead of your eyes ;P, but the plastic brush types sometimes poke in the border between lash and skin.

The title says minireview, so I am going to be really short about this. One of the reason I buy Japanese mascaras is because they understand the need to keep the curl that girls with straight lashes carefully apply to their lashes before applying mascara. Lots of Western girls, me excluded, already seem to have fluttery and curly eyelashes by themselves, and their Western mascara just fits them.

So I need a formula that keeps the curl...and basically, this mascara doesn't keep any curl at all.

For the rest it is a ok mascara, quite black, although not pitch-black. It only volumises a little bit and it doesn't really do so much lenghtwise. It will be one of those mascaras I have to wear with either my Kanebo Kate base or the Fairy Drops base in order to be noticed and keep the curl.

But overal, I can get similar type from the Western brands and that is not quite the reason I bought this one, in order to get a mediocre, Western-type mascara.

For my goal: it doesn't fit the bill. However, I love Kiss Me Heroine Gel eyeliner, so do not abandon this brand for just this mascara, their eyeliner (the pot one) is really ace.

I bought mine over here for about $12.


Pammy said...
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Pammy said...

I also don't like mascaras that do not hold curls very well.