Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies

This week I have been:

1. Jumping on the mightly crowded Sleek bandwagon and ordering their Divine Mediterranean Palette and their Pout polish in Sugar May.

I seriously do not think I have to post any swatches of them, because they have been reviewed and swatched until the whole blogosphere almost collapsed out of Sleek-ness. However, I was surprised how Nude-Bardot-esque the Sugar May pout-polish looks on my lips. I kind of like it as the antidote to my brights-antics I applied lately.

For the occasional Dutch readers: I've ordered my palette at and it arrived within a day: instant gratification! I will order from them more oftenly.

2.  With the Mediterranean palette I can create looks as this brightly coloured girl on picture 2.

Actually, there is no vacation in store for me this summer and I get serious wanderlust. I really want to leave this place for something bright and colourful, but for the moment I just have to dwell in Dutch irregular weather and flat landscapes.

1 comment:

Jamilla Camel said...

I'm staying home this summer, too!

I'd like to see how the palette looks against fair skin...I am afraid that it would be too bright for NC30...