Thursday, 14 July 2011

Finished Business

Last month I have finally been able to finish up some of the products I had lingering in my beauty box:

Left: Haus of Gloi Selicie bubbling Scrub:

The first one is a continuing favourite of mine. I simply enjoy Haus of Gloi scrubs a lot. I often order the sample size for the simple reason that I am always curious about their regular update of new scents. Sometimes I hit an all time favourite and then I order something larger...

Middle: Kerastase Resistance Bain de Force Shampoo

I kind of stick to the rule I once read that 'things you rinse off can be the cheaper variety, as they do not do so much for you' in contrast to the things that are leave-on/in. I normally do not go for the more expensive variety of Shampoos, but splurge on conditioners etc. This one was in a set, so I wanted to try it out.
Lovely fresh scent, a bit of a combination of grapefruits and chemicals.

Still, I would not repurchase. It is expensive and does not do so much extra for my hair.

But as I said before, most shampoos wouldn't. It's best to have a non-stripping one, and for the persons that have coloured their hair in a certain hue to have one that targets or is gentle for your colour. There are lots of cheaper variety that can take care of that need too...

Right: Caudalie Vinosource Sorbet Creme

How much that I love Caudalie and have been the greatest fan of their Pulpe Vitaminée for a long time (and I would repurchase that one), I just do not think this one was that brilliant. First, they claim it is suitable for sensitive skin:

This ultra light cream immediately hydrates and soothes sensitive and dehydrated skin. The cream restarts internal hydrating mechanisms and restores water reserves. Fortified and protected from free radicals, the skin is left luminous, velvety, and lastingly soothed.
Well, it is quite perfumed, although in a fresh, fruity way, but still perfumed. That meant that my skin did not really liked it when it had one of its sensitive moments. I DID use it up, but only when my skin was fairly normal.
As for the hydrating properties...meh, I had better (eg the Pai cream I will discuss later in this post). It is fresh and moisturizing but I would not recommend to really hydrated skins.

So, I would not repurchase this one either.

Boscia Enlivening Amino-AG Eye Treatment:

I use this one up, or not quite, asI threw away some when I was in the middle of it. It works nicely as a eye-PRIMER, but not so much as a cream. Reason for that: silicone-valley. I have the feeling this cream is loaded with silicones: a good thing for primers or for mature eyelids to have that illusion of a wrinkle-less skin, but not completely suitable for day/nightcare product.

So, I would not repurchase this one either.

Pai Organics Lemongrass Moisturizer:

I have to say that I completely LOVE this one. It came in a set with some other PAI organics products and I have been using it a lot. The scent is so fresh and so natural and it gives a ton of moisture to the skin.

Probably a bit too much for oilier skintypes, but I just blotted some of the moisture off with blotting sheets and had a plump and dewy skin for a large part of the day.

This one I would absolutely repurchase, but it is quite expensive so I have to reconsider it for a while and finish up something more.

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Ashley said...

Yay for empties!
So many people dislike the Boscia eye treatment but I happen to love it.