Monday, 18 July 2011

Patriotic Purchase: Ellis Faas Skin Veil Foundation

I got myself a pretty new pen, albeit an expensive one!

Living in a smaller country, the amount of cosmetic products that come from Dutch grounds are not as elaborate as to say the UK or the US.

The one that really is quite undutch because of its niche-ness and high quality (with a price that includes that) is the makeup from Ellis Faas.

I skipped Ellis Faas for that specific reason, quite expensive and niche. Also, the lipstick-colours and blush did not really shouted out to me.

One product that wowed me lately has been their fluid foundation:

I would have skipped this foundation half a year ago because it is quite sheer, and almost like a tinted moisturizer. During summer I could use a lighter product.

So now I could venture on a thin foundation that is not a complexion hider, but a complexion embellisher!

Comes in Ellis Faas Skin Veil:

The beauty of its foundation is that is functions as that extra bit of candelight glow effect, or that bit of softening effect that you can do with your photoediting tool.

From Ellis Faas site it says the following:
ELLIS FAAS believes that foundation should illuminate the skin without feeling or appearing like a mask. With an exceptional balance of high-quality ingredients, Skin Veil glides on in a thin layer, blending into the skin.
Skin Veil minerals diffuse light across the skin’s surface, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. ELLIS FAAS foundation incorporates moisturising ingredients which nourish the skin as well as up to SPF 15 PA+++ for ultimate protection.
  ELLIS FAAS Skin Veil is recommended for all skin types.

I had the choice between the pump-disposer product, that on economic base would have been a better deal. Nevertheless, I opted for the silver pen for practical reasons: to take it on the road!

You can argue about the hygiene of this product, but similarly as cult-product YSL touche éclat, it is as hygienic as you can keep it: you can cleanse and desinfect the brush as much as possible. (which I intent to do).

I also got an extra ink-bullet, ehm, foundation-bullet for when the first one runs out. So it is a reasonable deal.

Duh, I am already talking about deals without even saying anything about its price. I purchased the pen for 45 euros and that will give 14 ml of product in total. The pump would give you 30ml for 65 euros.

I think there are quite some places to buy this, but I will give the link to Ellis Faas site. I personally bought mine in a brick-and-mortar niche Dutch Shop, but they were too cheapskate (or skint) of samples so I will not give you that link. Ha ha, at least something can be typically Dutch (although a shame on them, for a niche shop)


Jamilla Camel said...

looks wonderful! We can get Ellis Faas at Liberty here in London, and online.

BV said...

This interests me greatly.... Weird thing is that we can get Ellis Faas in Sydney - albeit at an incredibly jacked up price. I might have to do some swatching next time I run into this... I had no idea it was Dutch although I guess from the name of it I should have known...

Thanks for this!

calicoaster said...

That looks quite an interesting product. Thanks for sharing it!! :)