Sunday, 3 July 2011

Banila Co. Summer 2011 Colors &Stripes Secret blush in Sahara

Every year since I buy something from Banila Co.'s summer range.

Why? Simply because I love their products and they have such clean and original summer themes, especially based on wanderlust (the desire to travel) and that really appeals to me.

For this year I picked up an addiction on their Secret Marbling blush/highlighter products from their Stripes range.

As you can see, Banila created such a beautiful design. The pink stripes decorate a rose gold pact. It is so aesthetically pleasing!

This year they picked South Korean singer and actress Min Hyo Rin to be the spokesmodel for their summer range:

Mn Hyo Rin in Banila Co.'s 2011 Summer campaign

I like this choice, although I have no idea about South Korean celebrity life and preformances. I simply like that, in contrast to some earlier years, they did not picked a Western model for the campaign. With all respect to Western models and people (I'm one myself, ehhh, clearly not a model but just a woman, LOL) but I think a variety of beautiful faces come in all ethnicities and clearly Min Hyo Rin must be a familiar face towards the public the product is targeted for: South Korean girls and women.

And yeh, without knowing her, I think she is beautiful and the face has an appeal on my consumer behaviour, LOL, because I bought the product as well.
The name of the product is Sahara, and, as far as I know, it is Banila Co. first bronzing-inspired Secret blush.

The compact is even prettier than the box itself. Pretty without being too kawaii for grown-up women:

The highligher/blush is quite in style of similar mineralized products such as MAC mineralizes and Banila's previous Secret ranges: They have this glowy, metallic look. Sahara is a rose-tinted coppery brown:

The first swatch I did on a tissue. It shocked me a bit for being a bit too metallic. However, I do love the colour that has that bit of rose in it:

Actually, the metallic glow is not so obvious on the skin, that is why I included a skin-swatch as well. Mind that this swatch is not blended or buffed in the skin yet!

I actually really like how it looks on my skin. It is like a rose-gold colour. Best part is that it gives out a GLOW without a hint of glitter in sight....perfect.

I have to blend and buff it into my skin to keep it natural, but it proves that you have to test some products directly on the skin to see how it will look in real life.

The compact also has a sweet, florally fragance which is not obtrusive at all, just beautiful.

Overal, a big hit for this summer (and next summers) in my opinion!

I bought mine on, guess where....gmarket over here: productcode 212439241 for approximately $19.

Banila Co. gave me three samples of their new sunscreen BB cream, which is pretty amazing as well, and I normally do not like any BB creams.


Citrine said...

It's nice that they make the container so high up so you don't get loose dust everywhere...

I am liking a similar product (for summer glow) as well but luckily it's quite affordable!

Mary in Wonder said...

oh it looks so shiny and frosty in the pan, that upon seeing it, I'd get a heart attack XD Gladly it's not so horrible and wearable on the skin, you say?
Anyhow, MHR looks gorgeous in the ad :)