Thursday, 2 June 2011

Lipbalm for Soulsisters

Today I wanna share you my latest lipbalm purchase from 'mother nature at the vegan disco', or Elladean.

I have been buying lipglosses from Elladean since 2008 or 2009 (eg. post here), and although I love to buy other kind of lipbalms for different reasons, I have these lipbalms as one of my favourites.


* they just WORK for me: they moisturize, aren't too waxy, and have a delicious scent.
* I love the hippy-esque vibe
* The sweet messages behind them (and the sweet seller)
* Nicely priced

(I could go on a yeh, I like them a lot)

When I spotted the Wanderlust Sisters collections on Ella's new website I just know I had to have a couple of those.

So I did:

I ordered three of them, but regulars from Elladean know that she is always so generous to toss in another one ♥

I got the Rock Star Sisters, the Oversea Sisters and the free-flying sisters...The soul sister one was a gift.

I like the level of personal service she provides....

I haven't tested them all, but I went for my favourite one: The overseas sisters! For memories' sake :D

I love the description, ofcourse.

It is actually a tinted lipbalm that gives a hint of colour on my mouth.

She still sells on etsy in various theme-based shops (eg this one), but you can find this collection on They are $3 each and a pack gives you a bit of discount...

So, sisterly pucking up...:D

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