Thursday, 2 June 2011

Bold inspiration

I like buying glossy magazines.

It is just that I normally stick to the trusted UK ones, because for the language that I can understand.

Sometimes I step outside my magazine comfort zone, for...simply the superficial reason of the cover that promises me...inspiration!

Vogue Italia...the dramaqueen of all Vogues in the Fashion department...but their beauty edition is quite bold as well:

But it is not only theatre-esque makeup. This makeup on the eyes, for example, is something that I would not  consider myself, but it looks quite stunning on green/hazel eyes. Oh, and the eyeliner is perfect!

I like the rest of the look, although I would not think of matching an orange lipstick with peach eyeshadow...

But then is good to step outside of your confort zone. After all, it is just make-up and you can wash/take it off at the end of the day!

So yeh, I might try that look (although I'll skip the curls...I had my crimping days in the 80s, LOL)

One of the more classic looks is this one:

It is the typically smokey eye with some copper red eyeshadow underneath...

Quite normal, except for that waterplant on her head...

By the way:  

Do you experiment with makeup a lot? And what was your boldest move lately?

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