Thursday, 5 March 2009

Sasa haul and other cuties

Before I show you my new haul, I want you to meet my new friend: little Miffy.

I bought this cute Mifster this week when I went to see the Miffy museum. Miffy originates from the Netherlands, and the city that I study in has a Miffy museum, and giftshop. In order to relax a bit, and buy some cute items for some of my blogfriends, I went to the museum.

Back to the Sasa haul. So, my hauling feelings are still present. I was, as a true addict, very pleased to find a Sasa box waiting for me when I came home from a long day.

The European crowd have to buy for at least $100 to get free shipping from; it was $75 before, and I believe the American shoppers still have the $75 minimum. Anyway, I do not have trouble at all filling up my card until the minimum.

I am always amazed by the amount of products you can get for $101.60. Look at the previous picture, that is a cart full of niceness! Let me sum up the things I bought:
  • B & C CELEBLOUS Gelina Cheek (Macaron Pink)
  • Sana KONUKA Milky Lotion
  • Shiseido Water In Lip (Pineapple)
  • Kose FASIO Double Dazzling Eyes (Gold & Silver)
  • Kanebo KRACIE MOISTURE MASK (5 piece)
  • Arezia Rose Cleansing Water
  • Shiseido TSUBAKI Tsubaki Conditioner
  • Kose SOFTYMO Airy Whip
  • Kanebo NAIVE Deep Cleansing Oil
  • Sana NAMERAKA Nameraka Honpo Essence
  • Skin Food Black Sesame Hot Mask

I bought the Kanebo Krazie mask after reading a review on lotuspalace about the black mask. I figured the red package would be similar. The Kose Softymo Airy Mousse was bought because of MusingsofaMuse ravings on this product. The Naive cleansing oil on the ravings on MUA and Skinfood Black Sesame Mask on the reviews of several bloggers.

Do I have something I bought based on my own ravings or intuition? Yes I do have a opinion of my own, LOL I really liked the Celeblous blush in Naked Skin I bought in my previous haul, so I wanted the Macaron pink as well.

The Fasio Double Dazzling eyes was one product I really enjoyed before, so I picked up this set op colours as well. Also, the Arezia Rose Cleansing Water and the Shiseido Water in Lip-lipbalm in pineaple was bought on pure curiosity.

This week I received my firs haul from Etsy shop Elladean. Elladean has quite a cult-following in my country. Her lipbalms are known to be really nice. And look at the cuteness of the packaging. Anyway, enough reasons to try out the 'Couples in Love' set that was released this Valentine.

She was so sweet to add another two balms as freebies. That is an amazing haul, considering I had to pay $16.25 (+ 2.70 shipping). I already like the watery consistency of the balms, so it is really a worthwile collection.
So, that is my amount of hauls for this week (so far). It is not Fuzworthy yet (a term coined by Jamilla Camel, LOL) but it was satisfactory.


Kathi said...

The Naive Cleansing Oil and Kose's Airy Whip totally rock! I've been using them for some time now (review will be posted shortly) and the Naive cleansing oil is one of the best cleansers I found to date (it emulsifies like a dream and leaves no residues)

And Tsubaki hair stuff is fab, too! Great haul!

Jamilla Camel said...

OMG!! What a haul! I love Miffy!!

Your haul is truly Fuzworthy and has the appropriate levels of Kawaii overload!!

It's lurrrrrrrve!

ning * star said...

cool... I heart your haul. it is really nice... i wanted to get the Tsubaki badly :lol:
the kracie mask, it is really nice, so does the sesame mask... uber nice haul

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i really like miffy
if u get the chance please show the museum!!!!!

cheryl said...

i adore miffy...i have a little coffee cup. whenever i pass by schipol airport i HAVE to get something miffy. naturally this is not available in milan. WHY AM I LIVING HERE?! lol...

ooh let me know if u like the Shiseido Water In Lip!

Kimberly Tia said...

Birkie Booookinsss

what a fabuloussss fabulous haul!!! omg - i still have yet to shop sasa myself, a friend of mine just sent me a catalog from there!!

im envious!! and miffy bunny! GAH!!! adorable!!

Glow Chaser said...

Miffy from the Miffy museum........I am in awe!!!! Right..pardon me, i am off to etsy now! Ta Ta!

K said...

Wow, you're using a lot of the products I like! Celeblous blush is nice, isn't it? I also like the leopard print!

I started beauty blogging just recently. Please stop by!

mayaari said...

Miffy museum? lucky :) nice haul - I just got my first order from sasa and found it far too easy to find things that would get me free shipping! I've barely gotten started with the things I ordered, but now I want to order more, haha.

Anonymous said...

miffy is so cute!
next time you go please take us along :P

fuzkittie said...

Cuteness overload!!! >.<

MiuMiu said...

nice haul! i want to try the airy whip one day

angie519 said...

Fuzworthy.. HAHHA. What a great term!

You got some awesome stuff! I didn't know sasa had airy whip!

Fifi said...

great haul!
how do you like the kanebo kracie masks? I'm looking for good sheet masks right now ^^

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