Monday, 11 April 2011

Reaching the finishing line: Antipodes Joyous night serum

In the category of reaching-the-finishing line I have a newcomer today...

So hurray for finishing up my Antipodes Joyious night serum treatment with proteins...

I placed my bottle in a nature-esque surrounding just because Antipodes promotes itself as an Organic skincare range. When you reach their website, you notice the word natural and organic is thrown at you plenty of times

That means I don't go out in the garden before bedtime in order to get my bottle from the trees...

(I kind of would do that if it would promote more radiant skin...ha ha, the things we do for vanity's sake, right?)

But without the ritual of putting my nightime skincare products in trees, does it actually make you more radiant, a bit younger, or, as their website promised:

An intensive oil-based silky serum that helps repair dry and damaged skin. Himalayan goji delivers up to 19 amino acids to replenish protein at a cellular level. Red raspberry seed oil blends with New Zealand blackcurrant, a rich source of essential fats like gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Hibiscus flower and kiwi oil freshens your complexion, while berry fragrance imparts pure joy.

The ingredient list is really impressive and chocfull of natural anti-agers:

List of Ingredients

Ribes nigrum (blackcurrant fruit oil), Lycium barbarum (goji fruit extract), rubus Idaeus (raspberry seed oil), hibiscus sabdarifa ( hibiscus flower), fragrances of Blackberries: alpha isomethyl ionone, benzyl alcohol, citral, citronellol, coumarin, eugenol, farnesol, geraniol, isougenol, limonene, linalool.

Did it work?

I liked it enough to finish it within 4 months: that says a lot of how I liked it. I have lots of bottles and serums that I do not use up...sometimes because it does not work right, and sometimes because I want to venture on something better.

I reached for it frequently. I only stopped this for a while when I got major sensitivity issues after a certain kind of mask (story here). I returned to it when my sensitivity issues were back to almost normal (still sensitive, but not extremely overreactive anymore).

So, when my skin is normal for my standard, I really enjoy what it does. I wake up with plumper skin and it keeps my ageing under control. I might even say I softened a facial line or two...haha, but that might be because of the facial massage I do as well.

The facial massage is optional, ofcourse, but if you like to give your face a massage then look for good instruction so you can help your complexion.

What I would like to highlight about this product that it is an oil and not the type of serum you normally call serum. So, it absorbs in the skin, but not as fast as a cream. I often used a hyaluronic acid such as Juju Aquamoist pure Hyaluronic acid 100% essence on top of the oil, so I could 'push' the essence into the skin, and dilute the oil-like texture a bit. 

I bought it after reading the review on She raves about it as well, and she turned out right about its efficiency.

I purchased my bottle on, but there are numerous etailer online that sell this. I chose lovelula because the always add the cutest Angel Cards ♥.
Feelunique sells it since a week ago as well, and they do not charge any shipping so that might be the cheapest option.

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