Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Love More Brazil White Crystal & Platinum sheetmask - quick review

Yesterday I blogged about my little package that arrived from Singapore: the one with the gorgeous stamps.

This weekend I was able to try one of their sheetmasks. I had been reading about them on several blogs, and they looked really interesting to me.

I tried the Brazil White Crystal & Platinum mask. Well, because of the mint packaging and because of the Brazilian theme.

Ha ha, no I'm not that superficial (although it works). I wondered what the Crystal and Platinum elements would do for my skin.
As you can see on the right bottom of the mask: It is one of those tie-on masks that stays secured because you can put them over the ears.

I once used the Simply masks some time ago, but I did not really like that tied-on feeling. However, the masks were relatively cheap so I would not pass up because of the form. I could always skip on the 'fasten-behind-the-ears' technique.

Instructions are quite clearly given in English and Manderine Chinese (I believe?). And the pictures always makes it easier to see what exactly is the deal with the mask and how to apply it.


I don't know what I would have to think of the Fish Collagen Peptide ingredient. I have never heard of it before.

I love that is has a 'Kiss' theme:

However, to give away a bit of my review...I was absolutely not kissable afterwards...

The form:

The bee-hive pattern is supposed to make the penetration element a bit more effective, according to various reviews.

Before I will give my 2 cents, I have to say that I was absolutely not enthousiastic about this mask:
  • It hardly covered my chin (I have a Western Facial structure, however, I did not have this problem with the Simply masks and other cheet masks)
  • The mask is too tight around my face when tied behind my ears.
  • The scent is too soapy, and I do not like a soapy scent.
But overall: It completely irritated my skin like mad. I have a tendency to have ezcematic skin, and oh boy...this made my skin like a red and irritated mess for the weekend.

Thanks to another sheet mask (that I review soon) I was able to recover a bit from this drama. However, it is still not really balanced and a few new spots have appeared that are really difficult to get rid of. (people with eczema will probably recognize the easiness that takes the skin to be irritated and the difficulty to let those same spots to dissapear).

Remember, these are my 2 cents: I have read raving reviews on other blogs (here and here and here and here), so feel free to venture on this cute mask if you like. However, with my sensitive skin: it was an utter fiasco.


Old Cow said...

I find such masks rather claustrophic too Birkie.

mandy said...

Ah so sorry to hear it didn't work for you! Do you think it's just this particular mask or would the others from the brand also be too harsh for sensitive skin? =\ I've only tried a couple of mask brands (not this particular one though) and haven't had too bad reactions. Maybe I'll give this one a go if I can get my hands on them :P

birkinbagbeauty said...

@ young cow - yeh, it's not my thingy either. I do love your recommendation on the MyBeautyDiary Vienna Tulip Mask- that one is ACE

@ Mandy - I'm going to give away the Scottish rose mask from LoveMore soon, so you have a change in winning that one from me ;D. Justwatch this space!