Monday, 11 April 2011

Blythe people

Are you a Barbie or a Blythe?

I actually never had this question asked to me directly, but I've seen or heard it somewhere.

Simple answer: I feel more drawn to Blythe...the non-standard form of beauty or uniqueness

Blythe Postcards from quirky filmposter shop in Amsterdam

I did like my Barbies, ofcourse. They were the dolls that were easily avaiable as a young girl. However, I once got my hands on a Brunette Barbie, who was not as overtly smiley as Barbie, and I loved her the most....

She looked somewhat similar as this one...

Mysterious brunette Barbie with Mona Lisa smile

And I respect the persons who like, admire and emulate Barbie...

But for me, Blythe is the collector's item, the girl with the melancholic eyes, the rare beauty...

Blythe postcards: similar shop as before (I want a catdress as the Blythe on the right)

Similar as this fellow:
City dweller in stylish gear: his pout is goooorgeous
I got this postcard for free.

The owner said that he was left over because he was the least attractive one.

Well, I hadn't seen the others, but I think he is incredibly unique and stunning...

In general, yeh, I disagree with just one standard idea of beauty, and find beauty in various Blythe-esque people too!

More diverse barbies (ok, still too skinny and not-so-realistic, but at least the ethnicities are more diverse) in this gallery in Flickr.

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