Friday, 15 April 2011

Mini Review of My Beauty Diary Hello Kitty Honey Strawberry Mask

This week I finally got my highly anticipated collector's item in the world of sheet masks: The My Beauty Diary Hello Kitty Honey Strawberry Mask.

 I do not have to say why I bought this set of masks in the first place: Kawaii factor!

I might be a grown up person but Hello Kitty makes my heart melt a little.

I also noticed that I enjoy a couple of the sheet masks from My Beauty Dairy. And the idea of using a mask with honey extract that is often really good for sensitive skin, and strawberry that has brightening properties was something that appealed to me.

The packaging of the masks is so cute, with the beehive-esque exterior and the strawberries, bees and Hello Kitty decorated on them.

How does the mask preform:

First I like to say that I have used this mask today for the first time, so I cannot say too much about the long term effect.
But I really enjoyed this mask a lot for a couple of reasons:
  • The masks really hydrates the skin a lot: 
This morning I woke up with semi-dehydrated skin. A couple of nights ago I finished my Antipodes Joyious oil (blogged over here) and I did not have any skincare oil for nighttime use ready for hands. So my skin was a bit dryer than usual. Not extremely dry, but not plump either. Well, that is often a sign that it would be good to add some moisture in a more concentrated way, such as a serum or a mask.
The effect after 10 minutes was a plumper skin that looked more hydrated than yey, results!
  • It has soothing properties.
I have a tendency to have blotchy skin. Right now I am not completely flawless, but after the mask I noticed that the honey essence (or another ingredient in the mask) had a beneficial effect on getting my skin less blotchy. I needed less makeup, so that is a big plus in my book.
  •  It had a brightening effect on my skin
  As I wrote before, the whole effect on my skin was that it became a bit brighter.

I also noticed that a lot of essence was packed inside an onto the mask. I found it a bit wetter than the usual My Beauty Diary Mask. But I prefer it when something is a bit too much than too little, and it plumped some moisture in my skin, so it was not hindering at all

So overal, I am so glad I got this collector item. And besides its incredibly cute exterior, it actually is a fantastic mask for skin that is a bit dehydrated and sensitive. I cannot say too much if it is really diminishes ageing lines, but brightening is always good for looking that bit younger.

I bought this mask on ebay over here. When they sell out, watch and check them every now and then, because they restock..


Computergirl said...

Aww this looks so cute :) Like the sound of honey :)x

Mimsy said...

I bought the Hello Kitty Strawberry Milk masks but the Honey Strawberry sounds great. I'll have to hunt them down.

~Lisa said...

Sounds good!!
& the HK packaging is super cute!

♥ xc ♥ said...

Hi there, my best friend had a holiday in Taiwan and bought me some of these masks as souvenir and yes they are as awesome as youve just mentioned! Thanks for sharing the eBay tip! Too cute to pass!

InsideOut Elle said...

I really would like to try this mask but the EBay prices I've seen so far are ridiculous :PI'm go glad your reviewed this tho and the packaging is beyond cute eheh. I like the honeycomb pattern on the envelope.