Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Fluttering Fairies...eh...Fluttering Lashes with Fairy Drops Base Treatment Mascara

A couple of weeks ago I spotted a fairly new base mascara on Adambeauty. I was browsing their mascara section and noticed that Fairy Drops had a whole new range of mascara's.

Well, I was somewhat familiar with the fact that Fairy Drops had launched a couple of new mascaras lately, because I came across some of the reviews in the beauty blog-o-sphere.

With the exeption of one: the Fairy Drops Treatment Base Mascara in shinny Gray.

Yeh, so that was the particular one that I was curious about.

Which is not my only reason. I have a HG base mascara product for a couple of years now. The Kanebo Kate one. I absolutely love this for keeping the curl and thickening/lenghtening the lashes. But you know, I want to know if there are other options, because the Kate one can get quite hard and, let's say...a bit crispy on my lashes.

I have been familiar with Fairy Drops mascara, I believe one of their first versions, and was not too enthousiastic about it. Still, who know this one might work:

So you noticed I bought this one and it came in that cute packaging Fairy Drops is notoriously known for.

I noticed online that the tube is so gorgeously decorated. I love that about Fairy Drops. But I believe the contrast between the white and the perky pink is too adorable! It makes me happy every time I use it!

Typical for Fairy Drops, and part of why they became so big and widely know afteral, is their brush. That is not why I show you the brush beneath, but I would like to show you the colour of the base product.

Indeed, a dark grey instead of the more typical white colour that is often a part of a base product.

For people not familiar with base mascaras: they are not mascaras as the typical ones that give your lashes colour, volume, length etc, but they function as a underlayer for your real mascara.

However, users of base mascaras (such as I am) often find the white colour beneath a bit iffy, because you really have to look carefully to cover all of the white with your real, black mascara. If you don't, you get uneven lashes and perhaps even the remark "oh, do you have white mascara on? how unique?"

The dark grey substance is so much better! If you forget some parts because you are in a hurry, it does not matter so much, because the colour is already close to the other dark colour you will be using for mascara (either black, blue, purple, etc).

Close up of the substance:

This is quite a close up! You can also see some sparkles in the substance. Also, it contains fibers. I prefer fibers in my mascara for that extra bit of length.

Do I like it:

  • I actually do! It differs from the Kanebo Kate as my lashes seem to stay soft and bendeable, thus more natural. However, I do not loose my curl I so carefully applied to my lashes! This mascara does not feel so 'present' on my lashes because it is not so stiff. And that is something I like.
  • It gives the extra volume, just like it promises. I should compare this one with Kate, that is one eye with Fairy Drops and one eye with Kate Base to see if one lenghtens/thickens a bit more than the other.
  • I already mentioned the fact I prefer a darker grey base over the white one
  • I cannot say too much about the long term effect on the lashes. It claims to treat them as well with some essence. I can feel it being soft on my lashes, but if it actually improves or nourishes my lashes, I have to see that with long-term useage.
For the people curious about the ingredients, I have them here in English:

Overal, I ventured on something new and found quite an interesting new base mascara in my book.

I purchased it over here on my regular online hangout spot Adambeauty...


Vanilla said...

ooohh sounds interesting!
update us on the effect!
the tube n packaging looks pretty

Siany said...

Doh! Contains parabens... I was suckered in by its pink packaging until I read the list of ingredients